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TA affordable Haverholme 29th Aug

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  • TA affordable Haverholme 29th Aug

    The weather started of with a very cold wind blowing up the lake but the sun warmed a few pegs up eventually.

    There were 17 anglers waiting at the draw Edgar pulled out peg 11 and every one thought that was the match winner, tincanman drew peg 14 and burst into tears. Why it looked spot on to me.


    The pellet waggler normally works well here but it was the method feeder or pole that got the weights today.

    Phill clarke fished a very good match from unfancied peg 9 to take lumps on the pole which led him all over the lake.


    Edgar who would normally catch on the pellet wag could not make it work on peg 11 so switched to the pole and caught a few.


    Peg 1 Andy Dilamore 15lb
    peg 3 Dave Herbert 17lb 12oz
    peg 4 Lakeman 40lb 8oz
    peg 6 Nick Mummery DNW
    peg 7 Luckypiker 63lb
    peg 8 Reece Dilamore 7lb 8oz
    peg 9 Phill Clarke 65lb 8oz
    peg 11 Edgar Purnell 45lb 12oz
    peg 12 Longrod 22lb 4oz
    peg 13 Jim Watt DNW
    peg 14 TinCanMan DNW
    peg 17 Stuart Toplis DNW
    peg 18 Kev Bell 25lb 4oz
    peg 19 Shaney DNW
    peg 20 DNW 148lb 2oz
    peg 22 maddocdave 13lb 3oz
    peg 23 Simon Buxton 12lb 1oz

    Every one caught but a few didn't weigh in,

    1st DNW 148lb 2oz on pellet method loose feeding 6mm pellet over the top.
    2nd Phill Clarke 65lb 8oz long pole on the deck for quality fish.
    Section 1 Luckpiker 63lb on pellet method also loose feeding pellet.
    Section 2 Edgar Purnell 45lb 12oz on the pole at 8 mtrs.

    PICT0718 - Copy.jpg

    It must have been the shirt and forest beat the sheep sh sorry Derby County 3-2 good day for me.
    Last edited by D N W; 29 August 2009, 07:33 PM.
    Steve Davies

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    well done DNW Edgar
    Behind a successful man is a good woman, behind an unsuccessful man is the other woman.


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      Cheers mate good to see you on the site.
      Steve Davies


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        To be fair to tincanman and the rest in the shallow end of the lake after a flurry of early carp which looked promissing the fishing tailed of badly for them i was on a peg just as it started to deepen off and as i say its always better to be lucky than good.


        Kev was on one of the shallow pegs and had 2 carp while i was still stuck in a tree on my first cast.

        PICT0728 - Copy (3).jpg

        Luckypiker was on peg 7 which in the deeper water had the good form.
        Steve Davies


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          Well done Steve that was a cracking weight. It proved pretty hard going for most. I tried to make the pellet waggler work but for a change they just wernt having it.
          I lost two good carp on the pole at 8 metres then caught a scabby eel that trashed my rig so went onto the 'method' cattying 8mm pellets over the top and managed a few. I had a few put ins in the margins on paste but didnt get a sniff.
          Looking forward to Priory
          ATB Mick

          pops drop me a pm as to how you did today at Moat.
          Last edited by luckypiker; 30 August 2009, 09:24 AM.


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            Didn't know Edgar still had a pole


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              That'll teach me to listen to all the matchers. Pellet waggler was a non-starter in peg 22. Got smashed up every time I went on the paste in the margins. Still, it's all a learning curve for me and I enjoyed the whole day - until Kev talked Luckypiker and me into going for a couple of pints. That stunt cost me with the missus, Hey Ho. See you all soon,



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                Every one is always learning mate, did you manage to get kev to buy a pint. See you at the next match at priory the fish are a lot smaller and more numerous but still put up a scrap.
                Steve Davies