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Fish to Win - Q2 Monks - Match Results

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  • Fish to Win - Q2 Monks - Match Results

    Monks Match Results
    2nd September 2009

    Well done to Dave Sandford & Alec Roberts of reaching the Fish to Win Final

    1 Dave Sandford 169lb 8oz Qualified
    2 Alec Roberts 139lb 8oz Qualified
    3 Robbie Taylor 128lb 8oz
    4 Mark Parrett 120lb 12oz
    5 Mark Sandford 116lb 4oz
    6 Paul Law 110lb 8oz
    7 Mick Lock 101lb 8oz
    7 Jeff Davis 101lb 8oz
    9 Alan Loader 92lb 8oz
    10 Steve Coppin 88lb 12oz
    11 Ben Emery 82lb 8oz
    12 Mick Hood 80lb 8oz
    13 Graham Dack 76lb 8oz
    14 Mike Bell 76lb 4oz
    15 Glen Butler 75lb 8oz
    16 John Bell 75lb
    17 Billy McKinley 74lb 8oz
    17 Russ Evans 74lb 8oz
    19 Dean Lock 69lb 12oz
    20 John Coster 68lb
    21 Geoff Valence 67lb 4oz
    22 Russ Berryman 65lb 12oz
    23 Jim McDowell 64lb 4oz
    24 Mike Evans 63lb 4oz
    25 Ian Covey 62lb 8oz
    26 Nick Delahaye 62lb
    27 Colin Wood 61lb 8oz
    28 Mark Hathway 60lb 12oz
    29 Dean Anneveld 60lb
    30 Nick Gilbert 56lb 10oz
    31 Paul East 56lb 8oz
    32 Barry Upperton 50lb 10oz
    33 Les Fidlin 46lb 13oz
    34 Mark Bransgrove 46lb 8oz
    35 Kevin Hyhams 44lb 4oz
    36 Tony Lock 43lb
    37 Antonio Pointer 42lb 8oz
    38 Dave Sage 34lb 8oz
    39 Keiran Sage 32lb
    40 Memhet Kayim 27lb
    41 Paul Broughton 22lb 12oz
    Matt Love DNW
    Andy Creech DNW
    Steve Fisher DNW
    Bruce Welfare DNW
    Andy Cackett DNW
    Mark Glynn DNW
    Charlie Chawner DNW
    Steve Scott DNW
    Jonathan Watt DNW
    Terry Golding DNW
    Ian Manning DNW
    Phil Starkey DNW
    Ryan Mayer DNW
    Nigel Mills DNW
    Naj Kayim DNW