A 3rd, a 2nd and now a 1st place for in form 22 year old angler Robbie Taylor from Croydon and local knowledge played it's part as the pressure from the 51 anglers took it's toll with most anglers picking up just 2 or 3 carp. Early leader Adrian Marshall who had 5 carp in the first 45 minutes who was pegged next to Robbie Taylor who was in peg 34 could just look on as the fish seemed to back off right into Robbie Taylor's area who caught fish at regular intervals on both the feeder to the Island and in close on meat and corn over hemp, Robbie Taylor weighed in with 58lb 8oz.

With Robbie Taylor having already qualified for the "Fish to Win Final" at Monks the race was on for 2nd and 3rd positions to qualify for the final. With brothers Tony Lock and Mick Lock and Stub Pond Regular Barry Upperton fighting it out right to the whistle and with only 7lb in it between 2nd and 4th spot just one fish could have swung either way.

In 2nd place came Tony Lock (Garbolino - Apollo) on peg 5 with 49lb 8oz and splitting the brothers in 3rd place came Barry Upperton (Passies -Sonunaits) from peg 14 who fished Pellet Waggler all day tipped the scales with 42lb 4oz. Missing out on the final by the narrowest of margins of just 8oz came Mick Lock (Garbolino - Apollo) on peg 5 weighed in with 41lb 12oz

In 5th place with eight fish and 37lb 8oz was Pemb Weighting (Maver) and in 6th place and picking up his 2nd section win and 3rd top ten finish came Geoff Valence (Preston Innovations - Delcac)

Now moving into the second half of the tournament we move to Hartleylands Farm near Cranbrook in Kent on Wednesday 23rd September where a strong field of 60 Anglers take to the water which includes England International Steve Gardener, England Management Team Member Steve Sanders plus we welcome former Fish O Mania Champion and Finalist Nathan Watson and travelling partner Dave Burley who are both travelling down from Louth near Grimsby.

From the initial 600 spaces available at the launch of the tournament we only have 14 spaces left, 8 at Tyler's Common next Saturday 26th September and 6 again at Tyler's Common on Wednesday 7th October 2009.

If you would like one of the few remaining tickets please call John Bell on either 07724 841722 or 020 8599 2285 or for more info you can visit our website Welcome To Fish To Win

Full Match Result

Robert Taylor 58lb 8oz
Tony Lock 49lb 8oz
Barry Upperton 42lb 4oz
Mick Lock 41lb 12oz
Pemb Weighting 37lb 8oz
Geoff Valance 33lb 8oz
Peter Upperton 30lb 1oz
Calvin Lawson 30lb 1oz
Zac Brown 30lb
Mark Smith 29lb 8oz
Adrian Marshall 27lb 8oz
Andy Walker 25lb
Ian McLaren 23lb 8oz
Dave Freeman 22lb
Mark Glynn 18lb 2oz
Les Parker 18lb
Dean Lock 17lb 8oz
Anthony Parnell 15lb 4oz
Lew Nightingale 14lb
James Hitchen 11lb
David Baptist 9lb 4oz
Alec Bishop DNW
Andy Baller DNW
Andy Turner DNW
Antonio Poynter DNW
Billy McKinley DNW
Bob Malvasi DNW
Brian Stenning DNW
Chris Nicholls DNW
Daniel Glynn DNW
Dave King DNW
Don Garnish DNW
John Bell DNW
Jonathan Watt DNW
Lee Perry DNW
Lucas Dobson DNW
Marius Martinac DNW
Mark Eves DNW
Mark Murdoch DNW
Mark Sandford DNW
Mark Tullett DNW
Martin White DNW
Michael Bell DNW
Nigel Mills DNW
Paul Taylor DNW
Paul Timothy DNW
Rob Jenkins DNW
Scott Dobson DNW
Steve Turner DNW
Tony Bell DNW
Tony Plumbridge DNW