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Results for Cob House midweeeker 7 Oct 09

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  • Results for Cob House midweeeker 7 Oct 09

    Weather Conditions :- Very cold start, sunny and calm

    Number Fished :- 4


    Wednesday 7 October 2009 Wyatts Pool 4 anglers

    A chilly start to the day, with just 4 anglers braving the cold to see a calm sunny day develop soon after the whistle. Regular Rob Swain took top spot with 143 lb from peg 3 using pole fished soft pellet over feed pellet close at 3m and taking some larger fish at 8m. Dave Twigg continued a good run with 125lb from peg 27

    1st Rob Swain 143 - 11 peg 3
    2nd Dave Twigg 125 - 12 peg 27
    3rd Mike Hendry 90 – 12 peg 1
    4th Mark Twigg 57 – 6 peg 29

    Additional Info :-

    Laugherne Island pool next week.... come on guys, lets have a few more, otherwise I'm gonna have to start fishing them again ! Or maybe that's what you want - me sitting on me old Shaky box - then you'll come just to have a laff and take me money, lol

    Added by :- fish farmer

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    bob swain good angler and great bloke
    is he on this forum?
    Lisa, if the Bible has taught us nothing else, and it hasn't, it's that girls should stick to girls sports, such as hot oil wrestling and foxy boxing and such and such.

    Homer J Simpson.


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      Yes mate, doesn't post much, just views. Goes by the name of 'swainy'


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        When are you going to put some fish in Wyatts pool Phil.


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          Originally posted by Plummet View Post
          When are you going to put some fish in Wyatts pool Phil.
          Lmao, you are a git !... we had a pleasure angler yesterday who said to Scott, 'It'll be a great fishery in a couple of years as long as you don't take the fish out'. Scott informed him that we have 18 other ponds full of fish for sale, so why would we. Some people gave no idea - why would we sell fish out of a pond that we have designed for fishing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when an angler sets his kit up on the bank, it's because he wants to catch the fish that are in the pond! - except Fordy of course!. Think I'll have to stick a big sign up on each pool saying 'Fish Not For Sale'