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Fish to Win - Q10 Framfield - Match Report & Results

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  • Fish to Win - Q10 Framfield - Match Report & Results

    The qualification stages of "Fish to Win" 2009 drew to a close on Saturday 10th October 2009 at Framfield Park Fishery in East Sussex, and with one of the hot pegs number 63 not being drawn Zac Brown rushed to peg 62 and didn't disappoint and caught over 90 carp on 6mm Expanders just inch's off the bank during the 5 hours to weigh in a clear winner with 242lb 8oz which was over 100lb more than the rest of the field and was also the highest weight of the tournament which was previously held by Russ Berryman who qualified at Hartleylands Farm with 172lb.

    2nd place however was a lot closer and contested between Chris Nicholls (Garbolino - Apollo) on peg 64 on Spring Lake and the Elder Statesmen Jonnie Cozens (Wickford Angling Centre) on peg 4 on Brookhouse Lake and there was just 4lb 2oz's between them and the 2nd qualifying spot went to Chris Nicholls (Garbolino - Apollo) with 127lb who used soft pellet at 5m, it must be mentioned that Jonnie Cozens has had a great competition with two 4th place finishes and now a 3rd who fished maggot again and tipped the scales with 122lb 4oz.

    4th Place went to Stuart Williamson with 106lb 12oz, 5th was John Whitelock with 100lb 12oz, 6th spot went to Mick Lock (Garbolino - Apollo) with 100lb 1oz, 7th Spot with 65lb 6oz fell to Jason Collins (Browning - Wickford) 8th place went to Nick Bozier with 94lb 12oz, Lee Perry came 9th with 92lb 12oz and Paul Williams came 10th with 86lb.

    The focus now switch's to the end of series open at Monks next Saturday 17th October 2009 and of course the Final at Lake John in Waltham Abbey on Sunday 25th October.

    The 20 Finalists are as follows:

    Anthony Parnell
    Kev Parker
    Dave Sandford
    Alec Roberts
    Dave Vincent
    Robbie Taylor
    John Coster
    Mike Evans
    Tony Lock
    Barry Upperton
    Russ Berryman
    Geoff Vallance
    Chris Vandervleit
    Jason Collins
    Pete Upperton
    Rob Bishop
    Peter Steward
    Barry Oliver
    Zac Brown
    Chris Nicholls

    Framfield Full Match Result - 56 Fished

    1 Zac Brown 242lb 8oz
    2 Chris Nicholls 127lb
    3 Jonnie Cousins 122lb 14oz
    4 Stuart Williamson 106lb 12oz
    5 John Whitelock 100lb 12oz
    6 Mick Lock 100lb 1oz
    7 Jason Collins 95lb 6oz
    8 Nick Bozier 94lb 12oz
    9 Lee Perry 92lb 12oz
    10 Paul Williams 86lb
    11 Derek Gladwin 79lb 12oz
    12 Paul Udell 79lb
    13 Dean Lock 78lb 8oz
    14 Adrian Marshall 75lb 6oz
    15 Lew Nightingale 69lb
    16 Mick Doran 67lb 14oz
    17 Andy Creech 62lb 12oz
    18 Mick Hood 59lb 4oz
    19 Mark Glyn 58lb
    20 Stuart Wilson 54lb 13oz
    21 Billy McKinley 54lb 12oz
    22 Mark Sandford 54lb 10oz
    23 Calvin Lawson 47lb 7oz
    24 Ryan Mayer 45lb 2oz
    25 Alec Bishop 45lb 1oz
    26 Andy Honess 43lb 10oz
    27 Daniel Glyn 38lb 8oz
    28 Geoff Vallance 37lb 7oz
    29 Mehmet kayim 36lb 4oz
    30 Chris Bishop 34lb
    31 Mark Parrott 32lb 13oz
    32 Jim McDowell 32lb 8oz
    33 Jonathan Watt 31lb 8oz
    34 Jeff Davis 28lb 3oz
    35 Algirdas Kuzas 25lb 5oz
    36 Lewis Edmond 20lb 8oz
    37 Charlie Chawner 19lb
    Bob Anscombe DNW
    Bob Standen DNW
    Dave Baptist DNW
    Derek Seymour DNW
    Graham Dack DNW
    Ian Corke DNW
    John Bell DNW
    Keith Axel DNW
    Mark Tullet DNW
    Michael Newland DNW
    Mike Bell DNW
    Naj Kayim DNW
    Paul Berwick DNW
    Paul Taylor DNW
    Pete Martin DNW
    Pete Upperton DNW
    Russ Berryman DNW
    Steve Copping DNW
    Steve Lovell DNW