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K.D.A.A. Bewdley 10/10/09/

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  • K.D.A.A. Bewdley 10/10/09/

    the river had droped 2ft since wed and the water was cold,witch made the fishing difficult the results will show.

    1st pete williams 16lbs 14oz peg 7
    2nd jez williams 15lbs 10oz peg 105
    3rd geoff brieley 10lbs 8oz peg 72
    4th les handforth 10lbs 6oz peg 5o
    sec 1 barry cheese 7lbs 9oz peg 29
    sec 2 jason ford 9lbs 15oz peg 113 1barbel
    saw des after the match and pased on the coments and he said it was only made tounge in cheek just to get a comment 23fished.

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    i love des really..... i recall seeing a video of his where he stressed the importance of being neat and showd us his 3 rod setup......and then a buzzer went of and he presided to fall all over was classic..... all he could do was grin
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion


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      Never met Des to talk to but have watched a few of his vid's, sort of bloke i would like to meet in a pub and have a chat over a gallon of beer.


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        Having met the big fella on the banks and in a few Bewdley pubs(had a van there for 20yrs) i have the utmost respect,he may be opinionated,and comments in his column may be written in order to provoke a response,i doubt you could find an angler more commited to the good/promotion of the sport,a top angler and a top guy.and no,before anyone(fish farmer)comment hes not my brother.Regards Peter.
        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.