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Talk Angling Alders Farm Match

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  • Talk Angling Alders Farm Match

    Today saw 20 anglers from the Talk Angling and GOT Websites descend on Alders Farm, near Milton Keynes.

    Peg 1 Pete Thompson 50lb 6oz
    Peg 2 Chris BT 67lb 4oz
    Peg 3 Pete Morton 57lb 8oz
    Peg 4 Madd 69lb 14oz Section Winner
    Peg 5 Simon Edwards 100lb 7oz Second Overall
    Peg 6 Rob Bailey 47lb 4oz
    Peg 7 Malc Doyle 51lb 13oz
    Peg 8 Rive T 58lb 12oz
    Peg 17 Mark Causer 68lb
    Peg 18 Gary Thorpe 79lb 13oz Section Winner
    Peg 20 Eric Robathan 32lb 15oz
    Peg 21 David Ashby 13lb 13oz
    Peg 23 Roy Ravenhill 82lb 3oz Third Overall
    Peg 27 Gemma Doyle 25lb 1oz
    Peg 28 Trevor Price 70lb 6oz Section Winner
    Peg 29 Milky Wilky 54lb 4oz
    Peg 32 Matt Nutt 61lb 6oz
    Peg 34 John Kingfisher 11lb 11oz
    Peg 36 Keith Ashby 70lb 4oz
    Peg 38 Vic Nugent 111lb 12oz Winner

    Overall some good consistent weights across the whole lake. Well done to all who attended.

    Thanks must go to GOTTrev for the pegging and Malc who sorted out the pools. Also thanks to Gwen and Dinah for allowing us the opportunity to fish the whole lake and Breakfast.
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  • #2
    some good weights there kieth sounds like a good match
    :cool: [I]LeeTwin[/I] :cool:
    [I]Mr 3oz number 1[/I] ><))))*>


    • #3
      Well, what a smashing venue,a very enjoyable day out
      I was lucky enough to be pegged next to GOT baits very own Gary Thorpe, thanks for the company Gaz & the fishing lesson
      Many thanks to Keith for making the day possible and everyone else connected with it.
      Look forward to another visit soon


      • #4
        A well run match thanks Kieth. Got back to sunny Stockport at 7.30pm 280 mile round trip. Im glad Simon only Oz'ed me off the next peg lol
        Bloody good breakfast as well. O and iv got a nice red face well down one side anyway!


        • #5
          Really enjoyed the match, nice venue and good fishing. Thanks to Keith for organising it. Nice to meet up with a few old friends again, and meet a few new ones.
          Appreciated all the tips and advice from Gaz, keith, Trev, Matt etc...


          • #6
            Well, I got well beaten by GOT Gary to my right and well bitted out by the Rudd out in front , Lesson learned though, I must feed more!!

            One consolation I JUST managed to avoid the deadly MINXING, but only just, note to self: I MUST fish MUCH better next time else I will be paying out a pound to GEMMA .

            Cracking venue though and as usual the lads (and lass ) are first class, must do it again sometime soon.
            PB Pike just over 17lb

            Best match weight 150lb 9oz :)


            • #7
              A nice smooth journey from South London found me arriving in the car park by 7·30am, closely followed by MarkC, Royst and Eric.The biggest shock however was the arrival of Malc (The Jinx) and daughter Gemma (The Minx) a whole hour before the draw!!!!!!! Soon it was time to dip the nets and face "THe Hill" down to the Match Lake and a waiting breakfast, and I have to say that it's a top brekkie that really sets you up for the day.

              9am and it's draw time and a £1 side bet was agreed with The Minx before peg 3 stuck to my hand, a nice short walk. A quick chat with a couple of the GOT anglers saw my plan of attack formulated for the 5 hours ahead and I was soon settled in with Chris BT for company on peg 2 and Phil Young aka Madd on peg 4.

              The plan was to be fishing on the deck at 12mtrs where it was about 3ft deep and to keep pinging a few pellets in to see if they would come up later while feeding a line under the bush to my left where hopefully a few lumps would show later. Bait wise I went with a mix of GOT expanders and soft hookers with 4mm hard feed pellets.

              At the all in I put a handfull under the bush and 2 pots of pellet out on the 12mtr line before going straight out over it. Within a minute I'd bumped one but next put in came back with a nice chunky Mirror around the 2lb mark.
              Looking over to the other side I could see Wilky taking in the sun in his shorts and Matt stripped to the waist while I was shielded from the sun by the bush to my left and with the wind blowing towards me sat shivering in bib & brace and fleece, even Malc remarked on it when he came down on one of his customary wanders.

              Matchwise it proved to be a bit frustrating as I suffered runs of unhittable bites and a number of foulhookers . Laying a couple of inches of line on the deck, or moving up off the deck appeared to have no effect, with the fish only wanting it at dead depth and nothing showing under the bush. Numbers wise Chris and I probably had the same number of fish, but his appeared to be a better stamp.

              Weigh in time rolled round at 3pm and it was noticable that the usual pegs hadn't produced while normally unfancied ones had and this was put down to the fact that ours was the 3rd match on the venue in 3 days. Never the less with a total weight of 1184lbs 12ozs weighed in between 20 anglers averaging out at just under 60lbs per peg it goes to show what a good venue Alders is.

              Winner on the day was Vic Nugent who had 47 carp making up his winning bag of 111lbs 12ozs.

              Many Thanks to Keith for organising the day, I certainly enjoyed it and will be back next Saturday to fish Matt Nutt's Charity match.
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                cheers for the match keith most enjoyable and had a bit of a chuckle first time i have seen some one plumb up the margins by jumping in mentioning no names (EJAYAR )


                • #9
                  Hmm, I thought someone might mention that, I had all my unused sections laid neatly behind me when the float dipped on the paste line and at the same time a stray breeze blew my 14.5 m section into the lake alongside the landing stage , I thought and in shock dropped my top 5 (fish on) in the same place. Mad panic ensued and I jumped down off the stage to grab my fast dissapearing top 5, suddenly realising I may have landed on the 14.5 metre section which had gone in first, a quick hunt around in just over 2' of water rescued my extension, fortunately none the worse for its swim, I turned my attention back to the top 5 and unfortunately the fish had got tired of waiting to be landed and had unhooked himself.

                  The drive home was a bit damp with my shrinking trainers trying to strangle my feet, they lasted about 10 miles before I kicked them off just before the motorway and drove home in bare feet.

                  Quite an uneventful day really for a JINX match
                  PB Pike just over 17lb

                  Best match weight 150lb 9oz :)


                  • #10
                    I had an excellent day, one of the best days I’ve had entertainment wise. The fishing was frustrating at times but I caught a few for 25lb 1oz, and collected a Pound off Dave (my main goal and succeeded)

                    I fished where I was most comfortable at and fed 2 lines, the inside line didn’t produce a fish just the odd bites, might of not fed enough or too much. I fished straight in front of me at about 8mtrs using pellet over pellet.

                    I had 25lb 1oz (all Carp, no Rudd unlike Trev ) for 18th place, which I was happy with. 1 more to add to the Minxed Club (Kingfisher) and the re-occurring member, Dave A.

                    I had GOT Trev next to me, and what a guy, very helpful and approachable. Thanks for your help, support and banter, much appreciated. Was enjoyable watching and listening. I learnt a lot through-out the day. Thankyou

                    Mick, I will put the floats to good use, and try them on Wednesday when I’m fishing near us. Thankyou

                    Most importantly thanks to Keith for making the day possible, and we visited family too, bonus!

                    The journey home was ok, we all fitted in again so it wasn’t a fluke Next time I must use sun cream- starting to hurt a bit now!

                    Thanks to everyone for a good day out, nice to see the same faces and some new ones

                    [COLOR="Magenta"][B][FONT="Arial Black"]The Minx[/FONT][/B][/COLOR]



                    • #11
                      Ejayer I was going to mention it but when you jumped in and the water only went to your knees and it would of gone to my chest I thought better of it!
                      Gem well done on the 25lb from a tuff peg. Im sure that if you had your dad's dolly peg you would have had more than him!!! Have to agree about Trev he gave me some bait ant told me what to do and I could not believe the difference it made. Also hope you paid Mr Wilkinson for your floats like I had to?


                      • #12
                        Cheers to Keith for sorting the day out

                        And thanks to all the GOT lads for all their help and guidance with the fishery as always.

                        Special thanks to Trev, Mick and Gaz for sorting Gem out even if she did laugh at Trev's RUDD.

                        And for information here's how to fit 5 into 1

                        Who needs a big car

                        Also does anyone recognise the articles in the picture below..

                        [COLOR="Red"][B]THE JINX[/B][/COLOR]


                        • #13
                          Look like G.O.T slippers to me.