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3 matches to report on

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  • 3 matches to report on

    Suffolk Water Park

    Wednesday Open Match 14/10/09

    The water had lost a lot of colour since Sunday and the temperature is falling away now. The levels are still very low as well so quite a few of us thought that it might be a struggle. Those that didn't think that and fished a positive match seemed to fair better than the rest of us! There were plenty of fish to be caught on certain pegs by certain anglers.

    Water Temp was down to 12.2 from 13.7 on Sunday. We had 100% cover of low level cloud Maximum temp 11C Wind SE 8mph Air Pressure 1032 Moon - Waning rescent 15% of Full.

    There were 15 anglers on the bank and it ended up as a battle between the 2 silver foxes. Les Cook and Dick Bagley, both of whom fished the method feeder as did 3rd and 4th placed Alex Reynolds and Edd Cottee who was fishing his 1st ever match.

    1st, Les Cook, Castaway Tackle Felixstowe, fishing his favourite method feeder from peg 64 with some nice fish for 84lb 12oz. That is Les's 2nd win on the trot.
    2nd Dick Bagley, Grandad, on peg 73 lost a couple of fish but still managed 69lb 6oz in his
    keepnet, just avoiding the 70lb limit. Lucky he didn't land them all really as he thought he had
    about 50lb!
    3rd Alex Reynolds on peg 43 also fishing the method weighed in 65lb 14oz
    4th Edd Cottee, on peg 45 fished the method out towards the middle and down the edge to
    weigh in a very creditable 58lb 4oz on his first match.
    5th John Whitehouse on peg 58 weighed in 37lb 6oz
    6th Brian Gooch, on peg 53 weighed in 30lb 5oz

    Saturday Silver Fish Match 17/10/09

    Water Temp was down to 12.0 from 12.2 on Wednesday. We had nearly 100% cover of low level cloud Maximum temp 13C Wind N 15mph Air Pressure 1029 falling.

    13 anglers fished on perhaps the coolest day of the autumn so far. The carp fed well of course and Mick Burch kept up his record in silver fish matches of landing 11 carp and losing 3! There were a lot of skimmers to be caught but in M2 they do not weigh a lot the roach seem to be a better weight building quarry. One or two tench put in an appearance to liven things up as well.

    1st, Bob Wessels, Bait-Tech, fished a top 2 kit down the edge with casters for roach and a long pole for skimmers to weigh 21lb 4oz of mainly roach to perhaps 12 ounces from peg 61.
    2nd Alex Reynolds, Browning Wickford, missed out on golden peg 64 by a couple of pound and again had mainly roach caught short on caster for 19lb 4oz
    3rd Mark Brewster, Gipping Valley AC, on peg 70 weighed in his bag of mainly roach for 16lb 4oz
    4th Keith Gooderham, Hadleigh AC on peg 69 weighed in a level 16lb
    5th Richard Watson, Nisa Waveney, on peg 62 caught mainly skimmers on the long pole for 13lb 8oz
    6th Kelvin Smith, on peg 71 weighed in 12lb 6oz

    The next silver fish match is 31st October

    Sunday 18/10

    This morning, most of us went out to a white car for the first time this year. Plenty of mist about as well. There was very little wind and the day teadily got brighter. Maximum temp 11C Wind NW to start turning W by 2pm and a maximum strength of 6mph. Air Pressure 1025 falling to 1022 by 4pm. Not ideal conditions for M1 but in the end the lake fished very well.
    27 people fished
    Is there no stopping Les Cook? Once again he has thrashed the opposition with a brilliant official weight of 86lb 14oz and that was after a deduction of 1lb 4oz as he had 70lb 10oz in his net. Les finished nearly 20lb ahead of second placed Glenn Hubbard.

    The result:
    1st Les Cook, Castaway Tackle Felixstowe, fishing a method feeder and punched polony from peg 8 at about 35 yards for his 86lb 14oz
    2nd Glenn Hubbard, Diawa Angling Direct, also on the method from peg 11 weighed in 68lb 5oz
    3rd Alex Reynolds, Browning Wickford, had some fish on the method and some fish down the margin from peg 36 for 58lb 10oz
    4th Richard Reynolds had a few fish on the method and some fish short on the pole and paste for 55lb 6oz
    5th Aaron Coleman again had some fish on the method and some on the long pole 52lb 0oz
    6th Darren Clarke had some larger fish on the pole down the margin for 51lb 11oz

    Matches on Wednesday and Sunday next week. Ring Richard on 07881 953310 to book in.