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Results for Cob House SUNDAY open

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  • Results for Cob House SUNDAY open

    Weather Conditions :- Very cold early on, going slightly warmer and ver 'close' and overcast

    Number Fished :- 11


    Sunday 8 November 2009 Laugherne Island Pool 11 anglers

    A hard day on Laugherne with some weird weather conditions putting the fish off a little. Very cold early on, then going mild and ‘close’, with little wind movement for much of the match and only light breeze later. Odd light showers added to the mix! First timer Jamie Cox pole fished soft pellet to take 1st place with 62lb, followed by Scott Jones who fished 16m with soft pellet for 60lb. Steve Ford took 56lb, once again on pole fished pellet – with some fish coming down the edge – for 3rd place and match organizer John Watson took 4th with 54 lb.

    1st Jamie Cox 62 - 8 Peg 9
    2nd Scott Jones 60 - 8 Peg 32
    3rd Steve ford 56 - 8 Peg 35
    4th John Watson 54 – 7 Peg 23

    Additional Info :-

    A close match on a hard day.

    Added by :- Fish Farmer

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    Thanks to all that turned up. Despite the cold weather having an effect on the fishing it was still a very tight match with just 2 fish seperating 1st and 4th.

    There will be a pairs match available to enter on Sunday the 22nd November at Cob House with both Laugherne Island and Wyatts pools to be used.

    Look out for final details in the Open Matches link.




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      Forgot to say on the results info - a big thanks to Plummet for sorting this match - it was a good day with the usual banter.... and I gained some tackle! It's amazing what you can get when you pretend to be crap at match fishing..... once I have all the kit I need, I will unleash the beast!!


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        was a good little match, will definitely venture back in the near future...


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          good job u had'nt been before,those lessons are paying off.


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            yep your right, but I am afraid I can't teach you anymore


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              Yep, it was a good knock up. Bloody close though, 1 or 2 fish in it from 1st to 4th.


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                Sorry , I am starting to repeat myself