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TA Classic Bonehill Mill Fishery 19th April 2007

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  • TA Classic Bonehill Mill Fishery 19th April 2007

    Today saw 14 stalwarts from Talk Angling embark on it second match of the new site, the day looked promising and rain did not look like it would pay any significant part in the proceedings, the draw was soon made following breakfasts and coffees, from there things seem to go down hill for most and bites were at a premium, mind you we could be rubbish at fishing, but the local favourite Bonehillstar and near local resident Royst did manage to snare a few fish to record reasonable weights and make the rest of us look average,
    Bonehillstar fished up in the water using maggot and Royst found his fish in the margins. The result never lokked in doubt once Bonehillstar started bagging and this proved to be the case at the scales the weights were as follows

    Bonehillstar 49lb 6oz
    Royst 28lb 4oz
    Andy222 10lb 11oz
    Brian G 9lb 12oz
    Cornerstone 7lb 13oz 6dr
    KPnuts 5lb 13oz
    Big Knob 5lb 0oz 8dr
    Wormaster 4lb 15oz 8dr
    Kingfisher 4lb 0oz
    Ridgeacre 2lb 13oz
    Ejayar 1lb 100z 8dr
    Larry Teepot 0lb 4oz
    Leetwin 0lb 3oz
    Weldec 0lb 3oz

    Well thats another one out of the way roll on the next one at Rolfs

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    Well done Brian, Thanks for organising another enjoyable day. Congratulations to Bonehill Star, and thanks to Larry and Weldec/Bill/James for donating the prizes. Nice to meet up with you all once again.


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      same here thanks bri/larry and weldec... i did enjoy the day even though the fishing wasnt up to much.... roll on rolfs next month still only 5lb to beat
      :cool: [I]LeeTwin[/I] :cool:
      [I]Mr 3oz number 1[/I] ><))))*>


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        Yes much remiss of me but I am a bit tired now. Thanks to all who donated prizes towards the pairs competition, Thanks to Larry Teepot for the time and effort he put in to running it


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          Thanks for the day out lads.Even though most of us struggled,at least the sun shone.Well done the winner,a good weight on a hard day.hope rolfs fishes a bit better.


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            Brian, may I on behalf of the low weight brigade take this oportunity to thank you for arranging todays Basher at Bonehill, your organisation skills are second to none. Also great to meet up with some of the names thats frequent this forum.

            Larry Teepot, may i also thank you for your participation in the arranging of the doubles, I'am still trying to get through to the samaritens but they are still engaged .

            Bonehill Star, well done on winning mate, but your information technique's leave so much to be desired .

            Royst, also well done good weight under those conditions.

            So my day:

            The Breakfast .

            The Banter .

            Bonehill stars info .

            The fishing .

            My weight

            The Winner
            Regards Billy Boy :)

            .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
            .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>


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              Nice meeting everybody, courtesy of Brian. Anybody want to buy any second hand pellets!!? Hope to see most of you at Rolfs!
              John - Kingfisher
              Talk Angling Senior Member
              Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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                Thanks to all involved, got me out the house at least.Nothing you can do if the fish dont want to come out and play.
                Thanks to you all


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                  May I just repeat all what has been said above. Thanks for a good day out.

                  Hope to see you all again in the future.


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                    well i had a good day it appears i have lost my last again tag.But only by the skin of my teeth.Leetwin and weldec can have it for a few weeks so here is some faces to some names
                    LarryTeepot - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

                    click on and enjoy
                    In darkness we do what we can
                    In daylight we're oblivion


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                      Hi Larry, You old bill basher you.

                      Just checked out the piccies mate and they are brill thanks for taking the time to post, but I would not buy a car of any of them (especially Bonehill) he tells porkies. Good job you took them at the before the match otherwise the faces would have said it all. Top Draw Pete.
                      Regards Billy Boy :)

                      .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
                      .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>


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                        Nice pictures Larry - well done mate.


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                          and I didn't think t/a members could get any uglier

                          well done for turning up lads


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                            Originally posted by polepot
                            well done for turning up lads
                            Thats about all most of us managed to get right Neil



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                              Sorry lads I'm a bit late with my comments but I've just got on due to work commitments. Thanks to Brian who did a sound job organising the match and thanks to Pete who donated the prizes. It was great to get together with the lads again I hope there's more to come but not on that venue. Well done to bonehillstar who knows the place inside out and was expected to win. I think the banter would have been a bit better if we were catching regular but thats life I suppose. Any way I enjoyed the company and the day out. Roll on the next one. .