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Harefield Tackle, Spring Series, Farlows Match Lake

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  • Harefield Tackle, Spring Series, Farlows Match Lake

    Round 1, 15 April (24 fished)

    1/Mark Mason 44 13, peg 11. Twelve bream, pole and pellet, mainly in last hour.
    2/Simon Todhunter 37 13, peg 13. Five tench, best 7 12 and 2 bream, pole worm and caster
    3/John Ritter 36 10, peg 16, nine bream, feeder and pellet
    4/Dave Bellamy 35 3, peg 10
    5/Roy Heyward 20 7, peg 28
    6/ Adrian Gooch 19 7, peg 23

    Round 2, 22 April, (24 fished)
    1/ Dave Bellamy 46 14, peg Causeway 2, thirteen bream, mainly pole and pellet.
    2/ Mark Mason 40 8, peg 29, five tench and an 11 lb carp, pole and worm
    3/ Jamie Nash 37 0, peg Causeway 1, ten bream, half on feeder half on pole, all pellet
    4/ Gary Castle 33 0, peg 18
    5/ Bob Church 27 12, peg 27A
    6/ Simon Todhunter 27 1, peg 6

    First two rounds fished in very "unbreamy" conditions , sunny and calm, although the water had much more colour this week. The fish are moving around a lot and proving hard to get them to settle in most pegs. Bream showing on the pole line earlier in the year than they usually do, although the most noted pole pegs 27, 27A, 28 and Causeway 4 have been unexpectedly hard.
    After two rounds Mark Mason leads with a maximum 16 points followed by Simon Todhunter, Dave Bellamy, Gary Castle and Jamie Nash all on 13.
    Might remember to take my camera next week....

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    Round 3, 29 April; 24 fished

    1/ Dave Bellamy 55-15, peg 7, fourteen bream on pellet, half on feeder half on pole
    2/ Mark Mason 53-4, peg 27A, exactly as above
    3/ Gary Castle 48-8, peg 28, thirteen bream, feeder & pellet
    4/ Graham Picton 44-12, peg Causeway 4
    5/Roy Heyward 27-4, Causeway 2
    6/ Henry Seery 23-14, peg 15

    A bit of a pattern of names emerging....
    Mark Mason leads with maximum 24 points, Dave Bellamy21, Gary Castle 20, Simon Todhunter and Henry Seery 19

    Interestingly, twelve different pegs have finished top 4 in the three matches to date (We use the same 24 pegs each time)

    Forgot camera again, not that there was much to take pics of near where I drew.....


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      Round 4, May 13, 24 fished

      We've been Todhuntered....

      A cracking winning weight today,with the top 4 in the series beginning to pull away, having all finished in the top 5 today.Good peg to peg with three of them in a line on the Island which fished very consistently today but there was only ever one winner.

      1/ Simon Todhunter 140-0, peg 17, thirty four bream and two tench, all on feeder ,lots of worm and caster with mostly double maggot on the hook.
      2/ Mark Mason 47-4, peg 27
      3/ Dave Bellamy 38-1, peg 27A
      4/ Dave Glasgow 38-0, peg 8
      5/ Gary Castle 32-12, peg 28
      6/ Paul Spiller 28-12, peg 26

      Thats the best winning weight we've ever had in our series and as far as I know the best "tip only" weight there in a match as all the bigger weights I know of have been all or mostly on pole.

      Mark Mason still leads with a maximum 32 points followed by Dave Bellamy 28, Simon Todhunter 27 and Gary Castle 26. Same running order but slightly closer after dropping one result, with Henry Seery, Steve Holder and Dave Glasgow quietly sitting just off the leading bunch.

      And what of pegs 16 and 18 given the winning weight on 17 I hear you ask? Well, I was on 16 and had 24-2 (half in the last fifteen minutes) for a rather distant default section, while peg 18 on the other side of Simon weighed 2-9 !!

      Well done to all

      Wet, wasn't it....