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    Tony Kersley’s Irish Angle
    What an amazing couple of weeks we have just had in Ireland with not a single drop of rain and temperatures more akin to mid summer. But there is one possible downside , with the biggest festivals of the year about to take place in Fermanagh there is a distinct possibility that the mass annual migration of spawning coarse fish shoals will have been and gone by the time the big ones start !Mind you, there will be no complaints from the British Telecom lads that held their festival on the Lower Erne sections of Trory , Airport and Ely Lodge , they cashed in on the pre spawning bonanza with some terrific hauls of roach and hybrids over five days fishing with a total of more than 6,000lb of fish weighed in by 46 anglers . The top catch of roach was by Dave Harris ,over 89lb on the Airport section and there was a 93lb catch of all hybrids from Trory peg 29 by Chris Rowley . Dave Harris went on to win this terrific match with a 283-12-0 five day total.
    Two Fermanagh anglers have again been showing their class on the circuit with veteran Phil McCaffrey not only winning the warm up Sunday Ken Bamford memorial match on the Shannon at Portumna with 49lb of hybrids , but also rubbing it in by winning days 1 and 4 in the Clonwyn festival on his way to victory with a perfect points score and over 170lb of fish over 4 days.Phils one time angling pupil and old travelling partner Willie Wheeler performed a similar feat at Cootehill , winning two days on his way to yet another title with a 64-15-8 total.
    English International Steve Hemmingray included the Erne Easter festival in a Family trip to Enniskillen , and walked away with most of the prize money with just over 48lb of fish on a rather peggy River Erne through Enniskillen and another regular framer John Potters won the follow up Cloughbally Mill match with a 74lb plus total.
    What can we expect in the next few weeks with Mahons , The Caroline Boswell Memorial and Waterways Ireland Classic coming up? There is a huge amount of all year classes of roach showing on the Erne system , more than for a good few years , but it is likely that the Mahons match will be at the tail end of this years roach run. Hopefully weather conditions will stay favourable and if they do , there will be a few good bream hauls with hybrids and perch making the back up weights. It is likely to again be feeder dominated , but who knows , after al it was a last day pole catch of roach that won last years classic.
    There is an amazing amount of roach of all year classes up to 2lb along with a good sprinkling of hybrids showing particularly on the Lower Lough sections at Trory, Ely Lodge and Rossahilly,as well as in all the small rivers like the Arney , Cam , sillees and Ballycassidy. The Shoals are also filtering into Enniskillen Town. Bream sport is slow but will improve when the roach have spawned.
    Around the country
    Portumna matches are suffering badly with a lack of interest , a real shame as this year
    The hybrids and roach that are showing are huge with roach well over 2lb and hybrids over 3lb.Pleasure anglers are busy filling their keepnets ,especially below the town bridge.Cootehill and Ballybay are looking to repeat last years terrific festivals with Lough Major showing a big improvement , the two festivals are still a good bit off , but both areas are in fine form.
    Match Results
    British Telecom ,Lough Erne Fermanagh
    Day 1 D.Harris 89-14-0
    Day 2 C.Rowley 93-2-0
    Day 3 T.Morgan 84-15-0
    Day 4 D.Harris 107-8-0
    Day 5 S.Smith 96-8-0
    1st D.Harris 283-12-0, 2nd S.Smith 280-7-0,3rd J.Clay 238-3-0.
    D.Harris won Day 1 with all roach on feeder at Airport , Day 4 mixed bag on feeder at Trory

    Clonwyn House, River Shannon Portumna
    Day 1 P.McCaffrey 76-0-0
    Day 2 G.Stones 50-8-0
    Day 3 B.Pennell 69-15-0
    Day 4 P.McCaffrey 69-8-0
    1st P.McCaffrey 3 points 173-6-0,2nd C.Greaves 3 points 50-8-0, 3rd B.Pennell 5pts 123lb
    Hybrids over 3lb, roach over 2lb on feeder and corn/maggot with town stretch best.

    Cloughbally Mill ,River Erne Enniskillen
    Day 1 N.Harrison 23-2-0
    Day 2 J.Potters 27-7-0
    Day 3 J.Potters 19-2-12
    Day 4 K.Ashurst 21-13-4
    1st J.Potters 74-11-12, 2nd K.Ashurst 66-10-0, 3rd N.Harrison 65-4-8
    Roach,Hybrids and odd bream on Feeder.

    Cootehill Easter Classic, Cootehill Loughs
    Day 1 W.Wheeler 18-8-0
    Day 2 P.Keeley 21-3-4
    Day 3 W.Wheeler 30-13-12
    1st W.Wheeler 64-15-8,2nd L.Simmonds 46-12-8,3rd N.Mazurek 46-8-8
    Roach and hybrids on pole at Coraneary , Roach/ hybrids on feeder at Major

    Daingean Two Day, Grand Canal Daingean
    Day 1 T.Mellor 13-12-0
    Day 2 P.Bartley 20-10-0
    1st P.Bartley 27-9-0, 2nd J.Kendrick 25-4-0, 3rd F.Brennan 18-10-0
    Mainly bream and roach on 11m pole and caster on town stretch

    Erne Easter Festival, River Erne Enniskillen
    Day 1 N.Howell 11-15-12
    Day 2 S.Hemmingray 24-8-8
    Day 3 D.Smith 25-12-0
    1st S.Hemmingray 48-4-0,2nd D.Smith 43-15-8,3rd B.Smith 37-1-0
    Mainly feeder work ,winner found roach on pole at Derracharra Day 2

    Belturbet Summer, Church Lake Gowna
    1st C.Allen 8-14-12,2nd C.Stubbings 7-2-8,3rd P.lee and F.Smith 6-9-12
    Small roach on feeder and maggot

    Drennan Super league , Ballybay Loughs
    1st M.Cormican DCBelfast’A’ 24-2-4,2nd S.Wright VDE Lurgan ‘B’22-7-12,3rd N.Houldsworth VDE Lurgan ‘A’18-8-0
    1st VDE Lurgan ‘A’ 32 Pts,2nd DC Belfast ‘A’29 Pts,3rd Sensas BSI Green 23 Pts
    Lough Major fished best with roach and hybrids on the feeder /maggot.

    East Belfast Winter, Lower Bann Portglenone
    1st M.Allcock 48-2-12, 2nd M.Cormican 16-15-12, 3rd J.Douglas 15-15-12
    Bream on feeder and worm/maggot peg 49

    Erne Anglers Winter, River Erne ,Enniskillen
    1st A.Scollan 18-1-0,2nd K.Seddon 11-12-8.3rd B.Dodd 6-13-4
    Bream on Sligo road on feeder /maggot

    Fermanagh Lakeland Winter , River Erne Schools
    1st T.Kersley 27-3-8,2nd J.Balcombe 19-15-4,3rd D.Maude 12-3-12
    Roach on feeder and caster

    Lower Bann Winter, Lower Bann Aghivey Bridge
    1st M.Strathan 10-9-0,2nd G.Manning 8-0-0,3rd B.Glasgow 7-8-8
    Roach on feeder and maggot

    South Armagh and District, Lough Patrick
    1st P.Magone 6-4-0,2nd J.Reilly 5-10-0,3rd M.White 5-7-0
    All Roach on feeder and maggot.

    Ken Bamford Memorial, River Shannon Portumna
    1st P.McCaffrey 49-0-0,2nd P.McCall 44-8-0,3rd K.Leahy 29-0-0
    Big Hybrids on feeder and Corn/maggot on town stretch.

    Monastrevin And District , Grand Canal Wide Water
    1st P.Bartley 23-2-0,2nd V.Durkin 11-0-0,3rd L.Aungier 10-15-0
    Bream on pole and caster at 11metres

    Upper Shannon , Lough Scur Rocks
    1st D.Oddy 14-10-0,2nd L.Parkes 9-2-8.3rd R.Carpenter 7-0-8
    Roach, skimmers and hybrids on waggler and maggot.

    Upper Shannon, Lough Allen Herons Shore
    1st L.Parkes 32-5-0,2nd D.Oddy 21-12-0,3rd A.Turton 18-9-0
    Hybrids on feeder and worm
    Simon Young
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