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Double ton for Des at Maver pairs Larford.

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  • Double ton for Des at Maver pairs Larford.

    Des Shipp won the maver pairs match today at Larford with a scale busting 209lb of the match lake !
    His partner Steve Mayo came second in section on the speci so they won overall with 3 points.
    Roll on friday

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    good fishing again
    Larfords superb aint it??
    :cool: [I]LeeTwin[/I] :cool:
    [I]Mr 3oz number 1[/I] ><))))*>


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      Pity I always seem to be fishing the Specimen Lake at Larford!!
      John - Kingfisher
      Talk Angling Senior Member
      Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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        Some of the best fishing i have had has been at Larford leetwin,god knows what its like later on in the year?
        Roll on friday


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          you all ready for the classic dotted down! i have made my mind up on the speci and how im going to fish it!

          i was there on sunday on the speci came 3rd overall with 77lb, steve mayo won it with 98lb, then 2nd had 86lb and des shipp was 4th with 65lb!

          so at least i feel a little happier now i have caught a few on the speci up untill yesterday i was loosing more then i was getting out. lol and 21lb was my best weight off there!
          Matt Smith
          Bag'em matchbaits


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            Alright Matt started sorting my gear out bit by bit for the classic,looking forward to it mate!
            Bit of a as you don't know which lake your on until you do your draw on the first morning so can't go too mad.

            Great result on the speci Matt, was you using the same method as when you were pegged near me the other day?
            I think i have got the match lake sorted but the speci has been a bit iffy especcially when heavily pegged.
            Unless your on the noted pegs so a good draw will be needed.
            See you there mate ; )
            Roll on friday


            • #7
              yes u definalty need to be pegs 1-20 on that speci at the moment!
              i was on peg 34 which was the end peg with the wind blowing down that end! i didnt fancy it when i drew it if im honest, but apart from a 7 skimmers upto 1lb 1/2 and a few stockies and one 15lb lump at 6metres, i caught about 50lb in the last hour fishing 14.5metres down the edge towards the corner!

              im not going to bother with that splasher as the likes of steve mayo are that good on it i will be wasting my time and have a very high risk of a blow out! so its the method and the skimmers for me! the match lake is much more to my liking
              Matt Smith
              Bag'em matchbaits