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Suffolk Water Park Opens

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  • Suffolk Water Park Opens

    Results for last Saturday. 28th April 2007. Only 16 fished

    1st John Dale UKIP 46 - 4
    2nd Dave Taylor Wass's Fishing Tackle 26 - 13
    3rd Richard Watson Nisa Waveney 23 - 15
    4th Vick Taylor Wass's Tackle 19 - 12
    5th Bill Warner Colchester APS 17 - 7
    6th Ray Darnell Nisa Waveney 13 - 12

    The next match is Sunday 6th May M2. We have 20 names already but I will restrict it to 30. If you want a ticket, ring me on 07881 953310 before 9pm please.

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    Sorry there is an error in my post. The next match is on M1 not M2.


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      Sunday 6th May.

      24 fished Results in Poiunds and Ounces

      1st John Dale - Unattached - 29.4 - Pole fished Pellet at 7metres
      2nd Ray Darnell - Nisa Waveney - 27.2 - Corn on the feeder
      3rd Pat Denny Saxmundaham Angling Centre - 25.0 - Feeder
      4th Kevin Forster - Unattached - 24.14
      5th Dave Talyor - Wass's - 21-15
      6th Richard Watson - Nisa Waveney - 20.15.

      There were 9 weights above 20lb and only 2 less than 10lb so it was a very even match. the winner was on peg 36 and second place was on peg 17 with third on peg 5 so the fish were spread all over the lake. Quite an enjoyable day although the wind was cold and very strong for most of it.


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        Sunday 20th MAy - M2. The weights are picking up and of the 21 who fished, 11 had 20lb or more. There were a few fish caught up in the water and a few on paste but quite a lot of fish down the margins which is where the winner of today's match fished. He caught on a number of baits but fed just 3/4 of a pint of caster to keep fish to 6lb coming all day. The fish were spread all around the lake.

        The water temperature overnight was 16.1C which is the about the highest it has been this year. This meant that the fish are beginning to feed in earnest.

        The results for today were:-
        1st Dave Taylor - Peg 69 - Wass's Tackle - 62lb 11oz
        2nd Keith Goodram - Peg 56 - Suffolk County - 42lb 6oz
        3rd Pat Denny - Peg 72 - Saxmundham Tackle - 35lb 6oz
        4th Alex Reynolds - Peg 50 - Dynamite Baits - 32lb 4oz
        5th John Dale - Peg 64 - Unattached - 28lb 14oz
        6th Colin Provins - Peg 62 - Gipping Valley - 27lb 9oz

        I managed 22lb 8oz for 8th overall but struggled through the first half of the match and could barely get a bite. I caught later on down the edge.

        Next match is on Match Lake 1 next Saturday, 28th May and will be limited to 28 pegs so book early. The draw is now 9.45 am and we fish from 11 until 4 that seems to have produced a few more fish. Phone me on 07881 953310 if you want a ticket.


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          Saturday 25th May - Open Match 25th May

          I wasn't fishing myself as I had a two day thing at Roy Marlow's water, The Glebe in Leicester. However I have all the results and once again it was a close match where a number of people had a chance of winning. A lot of the fish were caught down the margins later in the match.

          If you want a close match where you need to work at your fishing but it doesn't just become a race to see who can catch the fastest then the Suffolk Water Park is the venue for you.

          The results - 19 people fished and there were 12 weights over 20lb with almost everyone having double figures.

          1st Matt Dorey - Peg 30 - Unattached - 45lb 1oz
          2nd Mick Godfrey - Peg 40 - Viscount tackle - 39lb 10oz
          3rd Colin Smith - Peg 3 - Nisa Waveney - 36lb 1oz
          4th John Dale - Peg 14 - Unattached - 32lb 7oz
          5th & 6th Scott Douglas, Nisa Waveney and Paul Abbott tied with 31lb 2oz apiece from pegs 11 and 36 respectively.
          7th Bill Warner - Peg 18 Colchester Preservation Society - 27lb Shockedz
          8th Richard Reynolds - Peg ?? Unattached - 27lb 5oz
          9th Ray Darnell - Peg 38 - Nisa Waveney - 27lb 3oz
          10th Gary Alexander - Unattached - 27lb - 0oz
          11th Aaron Coleman - Gipping Valley AC - 23lb 2oz
          12th Colin Provins - Gipping Valley AC - 21lb 9oz

          As can be seen from the above, the fish have come out from all around the lake with no particular area dominating the top places. So far this year, no peg has won any of the open matches more than once. It truly is as fair a venue as you could wish for from that point of view. You certainly can't write off or be over moon the any particular draw as any peg could produce the winner. That doesn't mean to say the fish are spread through the lakes like currants in a cake, certain areas will hold more fish on certain days but until the match is over no one knows where those areas will be.
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            Tuesday evening match series - 1st of 8 matches.

            The water conditions weren't great for this match. Form bright hot sunshine last week to a bank holiday weekend with cold northerly winds and 3 inches of rain we expected it to fish a bit hard. The water was a good 2 inches over on most of the platforms. The river was in flood and backing up into the lakes as well. Water temperatures had gone from 19.5 on Friday to 14.2 on Tuesday so that didn't help either. In fact the match was pretty good and very close. Paste down the edge was Paul Abbott's winning method although he fished most of the first hour out for no reward. John Dale fished soft pellet over feed pellets at about 8 metres.

            5th on Peg 21 Aaron Coleman 25lb 4oz
            6th on Peg 7 Carl Hayes 13lb 4oz
            3rd on Peg 3 Colin Provins 25lb 14oz
            14th on Peg 9 Gary Alexander 3lb 4oz
            2nd on Peg 17 John Dale 34lb 15oz
            12th on Peg 19 Keith Gooderham 7lb 14oz
            9th on Peg 25 Martin Budgen 12lb 6oz
            1st on Peg 11 Paul Abbott 35lb 7oz
            3rd on Peg 23 Ray Darnell 26lb 14oz
            7th= on Peg 5 Richard Watson 12lb 8oz
            10th on Peg 31 Roger Catterall 11lb 8oz
            7th= on Peg 27 Scott Douglas 12lb 8oz
            13th on Peg 15 Stephen Cole 6lb 14oz
            11th on Peg 29 Zoli Lari 10lb 10oz

            Open Match Sunday 3rd June.

            Little wind and hot sunshine didn't help the weights for this event. The water temperatures are steadily climbing back up and were 17 degrees in the specimen lake margin Sunday morning. Weights were not great again, but 1st and second were close. Plenty of fish were lost by some anglers that if landed could have got them into the frame. Here I speak from bitter experience.

            Anyway the first 6 results were.

            26 fished
            1st Matt Dorey of Saxmundham Angling Centre on Peg 18 with 31lb 5oz.
            2nd Darren Sparrow of Viscount Tackle, Ipswich on Peg 6 with 29lb 2oz
            3rd Bob Fuller of Viscount Tackle on Peg 40 with 22lb 6oz
            4th Keith Goodrum of Suffolk County, on Peg 12 with 20lb 3oz
            5th Dave Ward of Saxmundham Angling Centre, on peg 23 with 19lb 14oz
            6th= Richard Watson and Peter Binks on Pegs 24 and 30 with 17lb 8oz

            Matt Dorey fished soft pellet over feed pellets down the margin and longer out from the staging. Darren Sparrow found what could have been the winning method with only an hour to go and caught the majority of his fish in that hour. Corn up in the water was what brought Darren his fish at 14 metres feeding pellets non stop. He lost a 7lb plus fish that managed to get under his staging and break him up in that hour as well.


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              Open Match - M2 - 9th June

              A very, very close match today with the golden peg worth £400 in real danger of going. Only an ounce away. The first three weights were separated by only 3oz. As the same scales man (in this case Trevor) weighs in everyone and uses the same set of scales for the whole lake there were no complaints. A few regrets over lost fish though!

              Despite the warm sunny weather and Noreaster the lake fished fairly well. 18 fished and the top weights were as follows:-

              1st Scott Douglas on Peg 73 fishing for Nisa Waveney 44lb 6oz
              Scott caught at 13 and 14.5 metres on Paste then Pellet then Corn
              2nd Lee Cuthbert on Peg 44 fishes for Gipping Valley AC 44lb 5oz
              Lee had most of his fish at 9 metres fishing paste
              3rd Peter Binks on Peg 70 fishes for Coleman's Cottage 44lb 3oz
              Peter had some fish down the edge on paste and the rest on corn
              4th Richard Watson on Peg 46 fishes for Nisa Waveney 41lb 10oz
              I caught my fish on Paste at 7 metres
              5th Alex Reynolds on Peg 57 fishes for Dynamite Baits 32lb 4oz
              Alex caught on corn in the corner
              6th Bill Warner on peg 43 fishes for Colcester APS 23lb 15oz