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Lindholme Lakes week ending 24th May 2007

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  • Lindholme Lakes week ending 24th May 2007

    Tuesday open Willows and laurels 21 fished
    1Steve rothery peg 19 willows caught on New Daylite pellets for 79lb 3oz (daylite baits)
    2 John Allerton peg 25 Laurels caught on caster for 67lb 5oz (yorkshire baits)
    3 Dave Amner peg 22 Laurels for 62lb 4oz (lindholme)on pellets

    Weds Open 26 fished willows and laurels
    1 John Emmerson peg 43 Laurels with 78lb 154oz (lindholme)
    2 Paul Yates peg 2 willows caught on caster for 68lb 4oz (drennan)
    3 Paul Tait peg 55 Laurels fished on pellets for 58lb 3oz (hemsworth)

    Thursday open Laurels 17 fished
    1 Steve Rothery peg 25 Laurels caught on pellets for 75lb 4oz (daylite baits)
    2 Paul Cross peg 43 Willows caught on pellets for 68lb 15oz (libn dholme)
    3 Matt Pilley peg 4 Laurels fished on meat for 66lb 1oz (hallcroft)

    Friday open Rover 14 fished 4hr fish 4pm till 8pm

    1 Brian molyneaux peg 16 beeches with 112lb 9oz on pellets for (houghton a/c)
    2 Pete Turner peg 34 bonsai caught on pellets for 91lb 8oz (lindholme)
    3 Dave Mountford peg 2 Willows qwith 86lb 3oz (shorpe)

    Sat Open Laurels lake 34 fished
    1 Paul Yates peg 16 caught on meat for 112lb 9oz (drennan)
    2 John Emmerson peg 67 caught on pellets for 68lb 13oz (lindholme)
    3 Jess King peg 65 caught on corn and meat for 49lb 7oz (dick clegg)
    4 Pete Reilly peg 21 caught on caster 45lb 6oz (shorpe)

    Sunday open 33 fished Loco and Bonsai

    1 Mark Rodgers fished a feeder on peg 42 Loco won with 54lb 9oz (shorpe)
    2 Steve Rothery peg 39 Bonsai caught on pellets for 49lb 14oz (daylitew baits)
    3 Keith Dowlers peg 45 Bonsai caught on feeder and maggot for 47lb 6oz (dick clegg )
    4 Paul Yates peg 52 Bonsai caught on feeder and meat for 43lb 2oz (drennan)
    Simon Young
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    Oneabung, i will be up there on thursday and it should be on bonsai, how's it fishing?
    Steve Davies