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Results for Olton .. league 5

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  • Results for Olton .. league 5

    Weather Conditions :- sunny.... warm...

    Number Fished :-


    1st Mal Howard 11.11.7
    2nd Fred Reynolds 10.5.13
    3rd Steve Kind 9. 0 14

    Well the 4 league payout places are now between 6 anglers the permutations are to many for me to calculate so the last match will be a tense affair .The sad part for me is we had 8 no shows, anglers who could not get into the list of prizes so in there wisdom decided to stay away..i have been told that they object to my peg fees....not logical for me...they pay for matches in advance then stay away cant understand that.Still it made today one of the better pay outs for the 8 anglers that showed ahh well there are all ways moaners .........todays fishing was really hard again roach and hybrids on the one flyer and some skimmers on the others .A shoal of carp were moving through the stretch first thing lead by a ghostie about 12lb although none of them were hooked makes you wonder where they are normally. just one more match and we head for our summer home at small heath looking forward to that.....ohhhhh and i sure am looking forward to fishing some of the stretches the moaners are gonna rent and pay insurance on and let me fish for no peg fee...or is that just being sarcastic

    Peter Taylor Cornerstone

    Additional Info :-

    Added by :- Larry Teepot

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    forgot to week small heath open 9am draw
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion


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      Dont worry pete.Dont matter how well you look after some people,they will still find fault.Everyone can do a much better job than the organisers!Untill it comes to putting their hand in their pocket and paying up front for stretches.They would sooner run a match on stretches that no one has rented.Maybe waterways will be addressing this problem soon.We[cornerstone]have to pay the rental of our stretches up front.If no anglers turn up then we are out of pocket.We have to pay for car parks so anglers cars are safe,unfortunately the best canal fishing seems to be in the urban areas.Also insurance has gone through the roof.We are told it is due to 9/11,after that insurance[public liability]shot up.[approx 20 times what it was 10 years ago]Peter[larry teepot]does a good job and always haves a laugh with people,so i dont think its very fair when the backstabbers start.It seems that in the days of up to £9 peg fees,some people object to paying more than £1 on a canal.The average canal peg fee is approx £3.With the overheads i think thats about right to break even.We run for 6 months each year,the rest of the time no matches are run.After starting up again after a 2 year rest,it makes you wonder why we bother.The moaners by the way are anglers that very rarely fish our matches,so i am happy for them to carry on fishing the venues that they normally fish,and whing about somewhere else.If they turn up at our matches,they wont be welcome.Sorry about this rant,but it annoys me when decent good humoured people like larry teepot get slagged off for trying to run a decent match.Rant over,lets get ready for the next match.