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Got Baits Youth Match

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  • Got Baits Youth Match

    A while back I was asked to post the details of a new initiative that saw the GOT anglers pairing up with young anglers from across the country. The idea being that each youngster would fish and get help and guidance from the seasoned angler. The Match took place yesterday at Alders Farm.

    Here is a message from GOT Baits supremo Trevor Price.

    "Well thats that then done and dusted, what a great day and i echo the comments of Pete if you never made it you missed a fantastic event.

    Before i give you the full result i must say a few thanks.

    First of all to all the sponsers who donated some fantastic prizes.

    Harrisons Tackle from Lincoln

    Wades and Son of Peterborough ( Fantastic Trophies lads )

    Chiltern Baits and Tackle Desborough( brilliant prizes ta guys)

    Fox Match Int (thanks Polly)

    Got Baits

    Pure Hemp Bait(Pure Hemp Bait) check this company out the best hemp you will find anywhere in the country bar none.

    Pete Thompson (who gave £50 of vouchers)

    Because of the generosity of the above the kids went away with a goodie bag that would have looked good in my tackle box.

    All of the Got Anglers who gave up the day (well done)

    Paul Thomas
    Young Gun
    Jon Sweeting
    Pete Goodman
    Steve Slater
    The above turned out to fill the void left by some (both Gary owen and myself thank you all)

    Ray Best and Simon Edwards for getting the event off the ground if only you knew what hoops they had to jump through to get this sorted.

    Alders Farm Dinah and Gary for letting us use the venue

    And a big thank you to both Keith Arthur at Talk Sport and Mark Williams at D.H.P Advanced Pole( i dont need to say to much well done)

    Im sorry i dont have the names of your clubs but the full result is as follows.
    1st D Twine 119.0.0
    2nd C Aylett 93.5.0
    3rd O Smith 85.7.0
    4th J Drakul 74.14.0
    5th A Billingham 73.6.0
    6th T Leach 70.14.0
    7th S Williams 62.8.0
    8th M Kinnersey 61.0.0
    9th C Mason 58.12.0
    10th L Hancock 47.8.0
    11th S Beasley 45 12.0
    12th A Blyth 44.12.0
    13th J Jones 43.14.0
    14th N Freeman 42.10.0
    15th T Cockell 42.0.0
    16th J Latimer 33.0.0
    17th L Wool 28.0.0
    18th N Winner 26.00
    19th G Hains 25.3.0
    20th M Twine 25.0.0
    21st K Williams 18.9.0
    22nd G Gritthis 7.15.0

    Man of the Match chosen by Gaz T Leach (who wins a day out with Kieron Rich)

    And a final thought, although it was a match you were all winners, both those taking part and those who gave their time.

    [COLOR="Red"]GOT Baits you know it makes sense[/COLOR]



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    What can I say this really was a cracking day!!!
    The young Lad I coached hadn't done much commercial fishing b4 and had never used paste either
    It was so pleasing to be able to pass on some knowledge and after pointing out some general hints and tips he soon G.O.T the hang of it and was fishing like an old hand! (Thats my boy! ) he even G.O.T into the match Banter and gave Lol a run for his money HA HA HA.

    It's a shame other companys dont consider doing this sort of event.
    Luckily G.O.T is not just another company and I belive is way ahead of the rest in terms of bait and also putting something back into the sport.

    Congratulations to Si, Besty, Trevor and all the G.O.T anglers who made this such a wonderfull day.



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      Who sponsored this match then?
      Team Mosella Black Country

      Sex is like Poker.
      If you havnt got a good partner.
      Then you better have a good Hand


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        Was it Carp Vader


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          what does g.o.t. stand for ?
          the carrot bites back:D
          ooh you are awful!!


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            The Name G.O.T is made up of the names of the partners of the firm.
            Gary Thorpe, Owen Price and Trevor Price.



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              Originally posted by Brian G
              Was it Carp Vader
              I never blank, when i catch :D


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                Who sponsered the event.
                Harrisons Tackle
                Fox Match int
                Chiltern Bait and Tackle
                Stanjay Tackle and Trophies
                Got Baits
                and the anglers themselves, all the kids went away with armfulls and yes i mean armfulls of goodies.
                The Got anglers paid for all peg fees and food (Fish and Chips after)
                Got donated monies and baits to the value of £1000
                Whilst some may not appreciate the event, for me it was a great day and one we hope will be repeated next year.


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                  the partners in my building company are called Tim Ian and Trevor. TIT builders! doesn't quite work unless we change to breast augmentation !
                  the carrot bites back:D
                  ooh you are awful!!


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                    I think it was an event that in the long term well bring youngsters in to the sport in my opinion a much needed thing.......Simon Edwards told me about the event and i can not fault days like it i read with interest the results.And well done to all the sponsors for putting back into the sport instead of take take ..well done G O T
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                      Whilst some may not appreciate the event, for me it was a great day and one we hope will be repeated next year.
                      Hear hear Trev a fantastic day had by all and hopefully a few new skills learned by the youngsters.
                      Roll on 2008!