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Results for larford arena whole lake for 12 people

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  • Results for larford arena whole lake for 12 people

    Weather Conditions :- fine rain all day

    Number Fished :- 12


    club best: 1st 77-12 pellet shallow 13mts
    2nd: 72 ib paste
    3rd: 64ib paste
    4th 62ib
    5th 53ib corn
    6th 49ib 12oz new match record for me paste at 4m at start and pellet shallow at 10mts
    7th 47ib paste and pellet shallow
    8th 35ib
    9th 28ib
    10th 22ib
    11 21ib
    12th 10ib

    Additional Info :-

    alot of fish caught considering river flooded speci and match lake was deemed unfishable. arena did not flood but water levels where high . pes underwater

    Added by :- scoucerman

  • #2
    4oz of 50ib ;(


    • #3
      wish i got 50ib lol


      • #4
        i'd have been happy with 5lb
        :cool: [I]LeeTwin[/I] :cool:
        [I]Mr 3oz number 1[/I] ><))))*>


        • #5
          not a bad match seeing that the day was not a good day with fine rain all day and the water levels were high not a bad day at all i have never fished it