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Cornerstone open Small heath

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  • Cornerstone open Small heath

    Weather Conditions :- Bright ,,Warm...Strongish Wind

    Number Fished :-


    1st Mark Butler......10..14..10..........Jets MG
    2nd Bob Taylor.........8..4..8.............Jets MG
    3rd Merv Rogers.......7..12..10..........Mallards Bewdley
    4th Brian Burton.......7..5..10............Stirrup Cup
    5th Alex Graham.......6..15..2............Banbury
    6th Ad Slade............5..11..4............Mosella Black Country

    fished really hard again for the second week running mainly Roach and gudgeon, skimmers seem to have disappeared..Squat done the damage over ground bait with the odd better fish to hemp but the water is still very cold so we will see what happens next week. Everyone was treated to a spectacular firework display and the final whistle... We will stop at nothing to get you guys the best entertainment on any canal circuit in the midlands probably the whole UK..... next week Pole dancers!!!!!!!!

    Additional Info :-
    Our very own David Whittingham and Adam Slade put in celebratory apperances today both of them look a bit handy I may have to fish one or two myself to show them how its done

    Added by :- Larry Teepot
    Last edited by Larry Teepot; 28 July 2007, 08:14 PM.
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion

  • #2
    did i finish up 6th larry?


    • #3
      Yes mate....sure did
      In darkness we do what we can
      In daylight we're oblivion


      • #4
        well done adam have to get you on the cut more often!


        • #5
          yup send him every week
          In darkness we do what we can
          In daylight we're oblivion


          • #6
            down at wombourne tmoz on bratch, get over in them trees for the chub!


            • #7
              Well done Adam
              Team Mosella Black Country

              Sex is like Poker.
              If you havnt got a good partner.
              Then you better have a good Hand


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                Well run match Pete and Tony, what a cracking venue!

                I can't think of many stretches of the GUC where these weights are thrown up regularly on small fish. And apparently it fished HARD!?!?

                I put 4-6-8 on the scales for nowhere, but I'm looking forward to the next one already!

                If any of you haven't fished it I urge you to come along!
                [FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][I][COLOR="pink"]Team Teepot Match Group[/COLOR][/I][/SIZE][/FONT]


                • #9
                  Thanks for that dave,see you next time.


                  • #10
                    How many fished?

                    What were the pegs the framers fished?


                    • #11
                      16 fished I think.

                      The winner came from peg 55 I believe, before the bridge, end peg.
                      [FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][I][COLOR="pink"]Team Teepot Match Group[/COLOR][/I][/SIZE][/FONT]


                      • #12
                        It was 16 that fished,team practicing is keeping a lot of anglers away.The winner was on peg 57.Its the first time its ever won,and at one time i stopped putting it in because it wouldnt produce.Just shows you.Second was peg 42,third was peg 17.So the weights were well spread out.Id like to add a well done to bob taylor again.He was second which was the best the pegs done this year.Hes been first,and 2 seconds in the last 3 matches.Against good anglers as well.Funnily enough he told his mate not to bother with bread,and proceeded to use it himself,crafty git.Me and larry gave his bait the look over and his bread was dyed RED!Larry asked him if he had put predator plus on it,but he revealed nothing.Maybe bobs on to a winning method.


                        • #13
                          good to see bob back on form hes been taking the canals around rugby apart lately as well, not to mention the rivers