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JAMES MAUDE At Lindholme Lakes Bonzai

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  • JAMES MAUDE At Lindholme Lakes Bonzai


    Saturday July 28th 2007

    Fished Bonzai: Pegs 35 - 58.

    Weather conditions: Cloudy but dry, wind very strong at times, blowing from the field side across the lake.

    So we had 17 Anglers turn out to fish Bonzai, pegged around the 35s to 58s with some spare pegs to be had (bonus for some). THe wind was quite strong at times and the guys in the 50s pegs had a struggle with the poles (sidewind). Considering the lake was booked up two matches on and some pleasure anglers, we had all our guys useing the scales.
    Top honour went to the WORM MASTER yes the man himself TERRY, fished at 10Mtrs on Worm on the deck Peg 46, flicking 4mm pellets out little and often, he had them going from the start, fed his margin line but never fished it due to the fact that he was on a fish a chuck, in total he landed around 70 fish mostly carp with a couple of barbel thrown in for good measure. His final weight was 73lb. Me personally well what a day, started out at 11mtrs wind very strong had one carp in the first hour then after feeding my margin swim fish at top 4 on the paste into to carp straight away, after three hours this is when disaster struck. Lost my balance and went forward breaking yet another section of the CRAP MESSIAH i bought .couple of the lads gave me a dig out, so my day was set for margin fishing, so I needed to get them back in the margins after my spooking session . took a while but they came in dribs and drabs, All carp caught on the paste weighed in with 35lb so it did not turn out to bad but my pride was dented big time. Thanks again to all who helped. Maver Messiah know sold for spares.

    So the weights as follows:

    1st: Terry Cheesman (worm master) 73lb 15oz, peg 46
    2nd: Brian Cox 63lb 3oz, peg 37
    3rd: Dave Sewell 51lb 10oz, peg 51
    4th: Billy Harrison (weldec) 35lb 3oz, peg 48
    5th: Johnny Evans 31lb
    6th: Ian Carr 30lb 4oz
    7th: Wayne Jerram 30lb 3oz
    8th: ? 28lb 10oz
    9th: Terry Wiggins 27lb 11oz
    10th: Shaun Green 26lb 11oz
    11th: 25lb 11oz
    12th: 22lb 14oz
    13th: 19lb 6oz
    14th: 18lb 15oz
    15th: 17lb 5oz
    16th: 17lb 5oz
    17th: 5lb 14oz
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>

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    Unlucky chap... have you got a video of it for youve been framed!!

    Dont they like "whole angler" fed at 2M there then!!

    Are all the lads on your match members of TA... get them signed up if not!
    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
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      wish I had bought the messiah

      Hey Billy
      Wish I had bought the messiah off you, I would put it in your peg everyday just so I could watch you perform with it, must admit its been a CRACKING time watching you with it.

      best of luck in the shirt!
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        Hi Simon, wish i had it on video mate it would help towards the new pole. whole angler at 2mtrs like that just need a bigger hook, just when i'd got them going, so far 4 have been converted into the T/A family. Worm master, Cheekybrat(CHANG) is his other name, Masticman and the broken one Weldec. LOL. nice to see all the lads useing the scales though.

        Hi Nick, you cheekybrat, Nick it has been one of those poles that you never want to set eyes on again, Mr Green also broke a section of his Messiah.

        Please dont mention the shirt its bad luck you know. See you Saturday mate.
        Regards Billy Boy :)

        .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
        .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>


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          Hi Weldec,

          Thanks for posting the weekends results so nice to see your name in lights after struggling for so long, I enjoyed the day it fished well for me.

          Cheekybrat, you are going to have to get your finger out or you will be wearing the shirt .

          Larry T Pot, really looking forward to the 15th mate, especially now i have a win under my belt. See you soon mate.

          Cheers Terry.


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            nice one terry..look forward to seeing you mate
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