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Southview Junior Championship Skegness 2010 Results

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  • Southview Junior Championship Skegness 2010 Results

    Jack Caudwell 3nd.jpg2nd Ryan Webster 22lb 2 oz.jpg4th.jpgwinner Lauren Adkin 34lb 12oz.jpgPIC_0117.jpg 3 Hour match
    1, Lauren Alikin 34lb 12oz -- age 15
    2, Ryan Webster 22lb 2oz -- age16
    3, Jake Caudwell 13lb 6oz -- age14
    4, Lauren Bailey 9lb 3oz -- age16
    5, Liam Dutton 8lb 11oz -- age13
    6, Ben Saxon 7lb 14oz -- age12
    7, Abby Rimmington 7lb 4oz -- age10
    8, Liz Plummer 6lb 14oz -- age 7
    9, Abby Ward 6lb 11oz -- age 6
    10, Darcey Collin 6lb 3oz -- age 7
    11, Ashley Collin 5lb 12oz -- age 16
    12, Maddy Saxon 5lb 8oz -- age 7
    13, Danael Needham 4lb 13oz -- age 14
    14, Owen Adkin 4lb 12oz -- age 8
    15, Larua Pickup 2lb 13oz -- age 9
    16, Abby Pitham 2lb 12oz -- age10
    17, Eloise Ward 1lb 7oz -- age 11
    18, Liam Frogott 13oz -- age 8
    19, Edan Spence 10oz -- age 6
    20, Thomas Hatfield 7oz -- age 14
    21, Mac Boers 1oz -- age 11
    22, kay Wild DNW but had fish -- age 9
    23, James Webster DNW but had fish -- age 8
    24, Brad Wild DNW but had fish -- age 11
    25, William Chaple DNW but had fish -- age 12
    26, George Mole DNW but had fish -- age 13
    27, Conner Moore DNW but had fish -- age 15

    Biggest fish. Lauren Adkin 4lb 15oz carp

    In this 3 hour match in pooring rain seen Lauren Adkin with a little help take carp to 4lb 15oz to win this years Southview Junior Championshipat Skegness. Fishing on maggot down the side due to the rain and strong wind age15. Second was Rayan Webster age 16 with 22lb 2oz on pole fishing shallow taking small carp on pellet.The sun came out for the presentation and all won a prize and had a good time thank you. A special thanks to our sponsors Val and Chris at Tackle 4 U who did a great job with the prizes. Also The Welcome Inn for there large donation also Hallcroft baits and All the people that made donations a very special thanks to you all from all the kids thank you tight lines.