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Rainsford results at brockamin bottom pool, 04/09/10

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  • Rainsford results at brockamin bottom pool, 04/09/10

    RAINSFORD AND LYNES A/C results, sat 04/09/10.

    1st Robert moon 76Ib 13oz peg 39
    2nd Derrick adams 75Ib 11oz peg 23
    3rd Alan lucas 41Ib 8oz peg 44
    4th Steve o'toole 36Ib 3oz peg 37
    5th Wayne morris 13Ib 15oz peg 35
    6th Lee johnson 12Ib 11oz peg 12
    7th Dave hill 5Ib 3oz peg 33
    8th Sean hulbert 4Ib 5oz peg 22
    9th Brian bowler DNW (never does, does not put keepnet in ) peg 24

    Only 9 anglers turned up for this one and with 45 pegs on the pool we had plenty of room so everyone had part of the islands to fish to, winning method was pellet feeder/pellet on hook fished to the island for carp upto about 8Ib, second place used pellet feeder with corn on the hook and third was also feeder to the island with corn.
    Fourth place had a carp of 13Ib 13oz in the margins on double red maggot.