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R Yare - 18/9/10

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  • R Yare - 18/9/10

    The colour had dropped out of the river over the last few days and even at high water there was only 2 foot of clarity on my colourometer a few weeks back it was 10inches! Still, with a nice ebb tide all day the prospects were always good for a few roach to show.

    I managed to draw the upstream end peg which was 23 on the day and 4 weeks ago it would have been THE peg to draw for a good weight of skimmers. I had 14lb 6oz of feeder caught roach and should have fished the pole.~sick

    Some of the 46 people fishing got it right though :-

    1st Malcolm Runacres on peg 141 had 44lb 1oz of prime roach on the pole and caster over groundbait at 10 metres.
    2nd Brian Gooch on peg 106 had 38lb 12oz of roach on the pole.
    3rd Tony Anderson on peg 62 also fished the pole for 36lb 5oz of roach
    4th Rodney Finch on peg 107 had 32lb 1oz on peg 107

    23 to 26 Mick Bartrum who worked all night for the Post Office and only just made the draw - pole fished roach for 20lb 9oz
    47 to 51 Wayne Anderson 28lb 13oz
    52 to 57 Jeanette Halliday 18lb 8oz
    62 to 67 Martin Caldecote 23lb 7oz
    68 to 78 Keith Ford 17lb 7oz
    86 to 90 Mark Pollard 19lb 4oz
    92 to 97 Mick Mirgaux 22lb 6oz - on the tip and had half skimmers and half roach
    105 to 109 Doug Bottley 23lb 3oz
    140 to 144 Reggie Bryanton 28lb 3oz

    All of the weights shown above except for Micky Mirgaux's were roach on the pole.

    The league is still very close and including today's weights only 8oz seperates first and second and only 10lb between 1st and 4th which over the 8 counting matches is incredible

    1st Nick Larkin - 240lb 9oz having only added ounces today
    2nd Robert Hubbard - 240lb 1oz increased his weight by 10lb
    3rd Brian Gooch - is still 3rd and increased his overall weight by 16lb to 234lb 8oz
    4th Tony Anderson 226lb has got into the top 4 knocking out both Andy Moss and Steve Clarke.

    Next week is the last match in the series so there is all to play for but to add to their scores both the top 2 need over 20lb.

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    Now thats the sort of venue i wish we had down here
    Not too sure about the tidal bit ,But 40lbs of Roach off a natural flowing River
    Sounds like pure HEAVEN to me


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      You get used to the tides Colin, but I tend to fish the feeder most of the time and still manage 14lb - 18lb most matches with an occasional big 20 or 30lb weight. The rise or fall in levels isn't very much so we don't have to put up with too much mud, in fact a lot of the pegs we are fishing stay dry and drop into 2 or 3 foot of water


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        Left great yarmouth 20 years ago,the matches were i think riverside road,norwich.Is that where this match was?The same names[mick bartrum,nick larkin etc]still seem to frame now,just like 20 or so years ago.I sometimes look up the sea results and thats the same,paul tuval,brian weavers,paul kerry etc still framing.When i lived there it used to be coarse fishing matches during the summer,and sea fishing matches as soon as the whiting then codling showed up.Most anglers were pretty adept at switching from one to the other and still winning.Living in the middle of the country now 20-30lb of fish sounds poor because of this carp explosion,but i remember how hard it could be to winkle those fish out of the rivers.Had some fantastic days down norfolk,travelled all over,but still have a soft spot for the waveney at beccles.I still have pictures of my daughter with pike from there during the winter[boatyards]and lovely bream during the summer.Unfortunately my last visit[about 10 years ago] was to ormesby,rollesby broads to take out a boat for the day.The boatyard had been shut for what seemed years and the broads were full of blue green algae.Went to yarmouth and my old local pubs had been shut down,it was so quiet even though it was summer.I hope its recovered but i doubt it.Still nice to hear the yare is still ok


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          The Riverside Road stretch that you mention is on the Wensum in Norwich City Centre near the Football Ground. Fishes very well during the winter but you wouldn't recognise the area. All the way from the railway station to the Football Ground right through the turning basin has all been redeveloped and Riverside road no longer exists! The road has been moved back at least a block, there is a riverside walk with railings right along the rivers edge to stop the drunks falling out of the clubs and bars which face the river straight into it. As well as the clubs and bars there are plenty of expensive apartments both sides of the river with riverside views, a swimming baths, a huge supermarket and nowhere to park! All in all it isn't a great place to fish nowadays though there are a number of stalwarts who do plunder the stocks that move up the river from the Yare to overwinter.

          Brian Weavers (Weavo to his mates) still fishes the Yare and the stretch that we fish is the Beauchamp Arms section down above Cantley sugar beet factory and below Rockland Dyke. As you know, nothing moves very quickly in Norfolk so you would probably know most of the guys fishing.

          The Waveney at Beccles went through a very bad period but has picked up again now. There is a new bypass below the town with a new bridge across the river just below duffers hole. The boat moorings are a pain and stretch most of the way between the cut and the yacht station downstream. Finding space to fish between the boats is a nightmare but again the winter fishing can be superb with big bags of roach on hemp and tares right through the winter.

          Hope that brought back a few memory's for you and both Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft have seen far better days and are suffering badly in this current climate that will be called a depression by historians whatever the politicians may choose to call it.


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            Beauchamp arms,i dont know how i got the rivers mixed up.It was very popular when i was there,though i somehow never fished the place myself.Cantley was where everyone was trying to get a job in my time.Though thats probably changed now.The reason i left was because of the lack of work in the area,seasonal work is no good in the long term.I knew brian weavers and most of the anglers mainly through the sea fishing which was very competitive in those days.100 anglers plus, sea matches at pakefield etc.I spent 4 years as a digger[lugworm]which was hard graft,when that started to die i returned to birmingham.I miss the broads but as you have explained nothing stays the same and i probably left at the right time.
            thanks for your reply,


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              No problem mate.

              Update - by Sunday the little colour there was Saturday had gone and I was told that there was 3 foot of clarity and it fished really hard. Nick Larkin won the match with over 20lb of roach on the pole but weights were generally well down from Saturdays results. I don't have all the detail but I got this from the Anglers Mail web site.
              Nick Larkin (Nisa Feeders) 26-10-0, peg 55 above Beauchamp Arms, roach nuggets of groundbait, caster, 9m pole; Simon Newman (Daiwa Angling Direct Blue) 26-9-0; Danny Grimsey (Lewis Anglers World) 24-10-0; Robert Hubbard (Daiwa Angling Direct Black) 18-6-0; Steve Clark (Lewis Anglers World) 17-2-0; Ade Hindry (Daiwa Angling Direct Gold) 16-4-0.

              Just shows how the river can change at this time of the year! These weights do not count in the Saturday series.