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Results for Adroit AC at Boddington Resa 08/09/07

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  • Results for Adroit AC at Boddington Resa 08/09/07

    Weather Conditions :- Dry and overcast

    Number Fished :- 17


    Only 12 out of 23 club members tuned up for the 7th match in this 9 match series. The numbers were boosted by 5 guests to give a total of 17.
    With most of the guests opting for a long range pellet waggler approach it quickly developed into 2 tier match with most of the club members finding it relatively slow going on the pole line.

    1st Jamie Jones (Guest) 237-1-00 peg 19 pellet wag
    2nd Matt Nutt (Guest) 229-13-00 peg 17 pellet wag
    3rd Mark Fox (Guest) 196-07-00 peg 11
    4th Micheal McMillan (Guest) 159-08-00 peg 22
    5th Darran Mills (Redfin) 138-01-00 peg 8
    6th Roy Ravenhill (Royst) 90-15-00 peg 16
    7th George McMillan (Guest) 80-05-00 peg 10
    8th Mark Causer (Markc) 79-11-08 peg 24

    Additional Info :-

    Next match Barton on the River Avon on Sunday September 30th

    Added by :- Royst

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    Great match Roy, although we got taught a lesson by the 'regulars', I think next time we would give them a run for their money


    • #3
      Well done Darran. I agree, I might have a pellet wag set up next time,but as they say you live and learn. We've got it booked again next year so mybe we will be catching 200 lb now we know how to do it.

      By the way your catch was a new club record. (for six hours)
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        Can we come again next year? ; )

        Only joking fellas,thanks for the great day out, a very well run tidy club.
        The way you lot did the weigh in was very well organised, credit to you.
        Nice to put a few faces to the names as well.

        A word of warning though the waggler dosn't always work unless the conditons are right on the day!!!!

        Well done Redfin on cracking the club record as well
        Roll on friday


        • #5
          Thanks for your kind words Jamie, it was a pleasure to have you and the other lads who fished as guests with us.
          Well done Darren on the "club" victory and establishing a new club 6 hour match record! ( Don't get too excited though as it was the 1st 6 hour match we've ever fished )
          Your practice session paid off, but what happened to Dave Record
          could go at Barton though,anyone want fish 6 hours on the Avon?


          • #6
            Cheers lads,

            Just pray for rain at Barton, we could go on the cut then


            • #7
              It will be interesting to see how many turn up for this one. I am not going to book next years river until after this match. If the turnout is really poor then I will suggest we scrap the idea of rivers all together. I am only going under protest so I wont be counting myself amongst one of the approvers. It would be a good idea to ask at the match How many would rather be on a commercial