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Results for Billhook In Odiham 3/10/10

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  • Results for Billhook In Odiham 3/10/10

    10 Fished

    5 fished one side of the lake and 5 fished the other side, the winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd came off the bank that was slightly out of the wind and they could also get their umbrellas up.
    As for the other bank it was impossible to to get an umbrella up.

    Weather was Terrible, winds 50mph and rain for 75% of the match.
    Considering the conditions, where half the field could only use a 5m pole, the results were exceptional.

    The Results are as follows:

    1st Fred Ravening, Peg 25, 112lb 6oz, caught mainly on the feeder and the last hour down the inside, White pellet was his bait of the day.

    2nd Martin Smithers, Peg 27, 97lb 4oz, caught on the pole short, with pellet and Hemp.

    3rd Eamon Foley, Peg 22, 85lb 2oz, caught all down the edge and also had a carp of 16lb 4oz, caught on pellet and corn over liquidized bread.

    4th Rob Harvey, peg 11, 81lb 5oz, caught most the second half of the match down under the bush, bait not know.

    5th Terry Swan, peg 7, 73lb 11oz, caught at 5m to the reed on 6mm banded pellet over hemp.

    6th Mark Strrong, Peg 4, 62lb 6oz, caught on the short pole with pellet and paste.

    7th John Rhodes, peg 17, 53lb 2oz, caught mainly down the inside.

    8th Aron Harvey, peg 9, 45lb, caught mainlt down the inside.

    9th Trevor Adams , peg 24, 28lb,

    10th Baffin Liffin, peg 5, 7lb

    And to round the day off i nicked another £1 off Mr John Nudd so its 2-1 to me.

    All The Best

    Terry Swan

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    considering the weather you boys on the other bank did very ps all to fish 4 in the next match i want to draw level and take back me pound regards john rhodes