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cob house match results

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  • cob house match results

    Hi all

    Here are all the results from both opens and clubs over the last two weeks:

    22/09/10- wyatts pool- open match

    1st- lee payne- 198lb 5oz- peg 18- pellet short
    2nd- simon west- 192lb 6oz- peg 10- pellet and maggot short and edge
    3rd- john (festa) baker- 189lb 8oz- peg 24- pellet short and shallow

    25/09/10- laurel pool- darlaston green

    1st- A wood- 88lb 2oz- peg 10
    2nd- D coop- 79lb 4oz- peg 2
    3rd- Sue coop- 78lb 4oz

    25/09/10- wyatts- croft ac

    1st- andy costin- 132lb 13oz- pellet topkit and top four
    2nd- cliff trinder- 126lb 7oz
    3rd- dave holden-104lb 8oz

    25/09/10- laugherne- halfway house (midlands)

    1st- J browning- 117lb 8oz- peg 13- method pellet
    2nd- M stokes- 63lb 8oz- peg 16- method
    3rd- A french- 58lb 10 oz- peg 12

    25/09/10- oak- open match

    1st- scott poynton- 80lb 13oz- peg 5- pellet long and down edge
    2nd- gary thomas- 73lb- peg 1- pellet short and long and edge
    3rd- craig cartridge- 58lb 13 oz-peg 3- pellet 10 meters

    26/09/10- wyatts-brookvale social

    1st- D bradbury- 113lb 14oz
    2nd- C mahon- 111lb
    3rd- A hemming- 87lb

    26/09/10- laurel- langford danglers

    1st- john okeefe- 42lb 9 oz- peg 10
    2nd- chris okeefe- 40lb 8oz- peg 8
    3rd- rob harpers dad-40lb 4 oz- peg 5

    26/09/10- laugherne- halfway house (worcester)
    1st- s wilcon- 230lb- peg 13- method pellet
    2nd- k deamer- 114lb 12oz peg 37- pole pellet 9 meters
    3rd- r oliver- 113lb 12 oz- peg 28- worm

    29/09/10 laurel- open match

    1st scott jones- 170lb 10oz- peg 20- pellet short and maggot edges
    2nd- lee bowden-98lb 4 oz- peg 13- pellet short and edges
    3rd- danny boden- 92lb 1 oz- peg 8- pellet and paste short and edges

    There you go all as you keep asking for results and they will be updated every week for you i promise

    thanks scott

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    scot what about peg numbers and methods............come on get it together or i will be back
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      what pool you got in for sat scott
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        the open wednesday is on wyatts and the open saturday is on laugherne hope this helps jas. I can only put the pegs and methods on if the clubs fill in the sheets correctly hope this helps larry.

        I have posted all the wednesdays and saturday open dates on two seperate thread showing where the matches will be help up to christmas. You will find these in non ta match section

        Thanks scott
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