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Week Commencing 11th Oct 2010

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  • Week Commencing 11th Oct 2010

    Open Match Results (Wednesday/Laurel)

    1st Place – Danny Bowding – 47lb 15oz
    2nd Place – Chris Phipps – 41lb 05oz
    3rd Place – Ashley Bosworth – 40lb 14oz

    All anglers struggled to catch throughout the day, iv got a feeling its time for maggots and more clothes.

    Open Match Results (Saturday/Wyatt’s)

    1st Place – Jake Cork – 114lb 10oz
    2nd Place – Jason Elwell – 111lb 11oz
    3rd Place – Chris Phipps – 102lb 3oz
    4th Place – Andy Checketts – 100lb 6oz

    Club Match Results

    Bob Baker’s Match

    1st Place – Bob Baker – 158lb 7oz (peg 15)
    2nd Place – Colin Bricknall – 152lb 6oz (peg 9)
    3rd Place – Alan Tomason – 108lb 4oz (peg 36)

    Methods used were mainly Method Feeder to the island and edge fishing on the pole with Maggot/ Pellet and corn.

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    hi there would be helpfull if attendances were posted with results
    I want an end peg


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      Originally posted by jay411 View Post
      hi there would be helpfull if attendances were posted with results
      14 fished the open on Wyatts.
      Can I just say... people probably know I'm a big fan of Hillview... but... Jake and I fished the open for the first time on Saturday... Well... we were blown away on how much the place as been transformed. The new cafe is big... well big and the breakfasts are very good value for money, car park is sound... clean and tidy... feeder pellets are the right price... a fixtures list on the board to let you know what lakes the future opens are on... the tracks to the lakes are great and most important you get loads of bites... also after the match... back in the cafe for more drinks... perfect. Only one very very small criticism is... the pegs are to far off the water... but marks out of 10... 9.75... Cobhouse is a real PROFISH venue.

      Chris & Jake


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        get a platform and get in the water........its the way forward....
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        In daylight we're oblivion


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          Originally posted by Larry Teepot View Post
          get a platform and get in the water........its the way forward....
          Not with my bad back... but a platform is already on order.


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            yeah the last two matches i fished from the water rather than the peg.
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              jeff why you asking for attendances, you planning on trying the fishery ??
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                Tell Scott to check his messages on here!!


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                  Originally posted by payno View Post
                  yeah the last two matches i fished from the water rather than the peg.
                  I'm not saying the pegs are bad... just to high... when I helped Dan at Hunnington Fishery we lowered all the pegs... it took a lot of work but it was for the best... not just for the anglers... the fish were better for it as well. We all drop fish into our keepnets and sometimes they hit the bank on the way into the water. Ok the fish were a little bigger at Hunnington but Dan lost count on how many time he saw people drop fish that hit the bank... bad headache and damage to the fish. Anyway as I said and Bob advised me to use a platform... but not all anglers will... just my thoughts. Cobhouse is the dogs.


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                    I think the pegs were cut with the disabled in mind, level with the pathway.
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                      Originally posted by wotsaton? View Post
                      I think the pegs were cut with the disabled in mind, level with the pathway.
                      I think you're right... the place is brill... I'm looking forward to fishing there again soon.


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                        Being disabled I'm pretty grateful for that , I can rip round there(after my excellent breakfast) on my mobility scooter and stop at most pegs there. Great place, pity I found it so late in the year, only managed 3 times. Went on Wednesday, my son beat his pb with a 10lb common, made his day. They must be sick of us though , we never leave till dark and are the last ones there lol.
                        Thanks to all there, excellent venue , will be there frequently , when the weather warms up again.


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                          tested the new cafe out today (sunday 24/10) and was most impressed with the food and generally the building. Car parking facilities are excellent and nice to see a tackle shop now on site - pellets are well priced but a little more in the way of bait would be nice like sweetcorn, meat and most importantly this time of year some maggots.
                          Fished laugherne island and yes the pegs are a bit high out of the banks but I think another foot of water could be added and this would help that problem.
                          Generally I have fished here on and off for about 10 years and am very impressed with the changes and wish all involved the best and may they carry on the good work.
                          Btw does anybody know how the old victorian pools are fishing cos we used to have some great days on them and am thinking of pleasure fishing them
                          Up the Villa


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                            Me my son and wife fished Laugherne Island last wednesday until the sun was right in your face so moved to Listers End for the last couple of hours. Had a few nice Roach couple of carp , my son had a 10 lb common and a nearly 3lb Perch. I lost (snapped) a monster, so they're pretty good, even my wife managed a 4 lb'er so she's impressed. Gonna cost me a fortune next year lol.


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                              hi all- just to get things sorted

                              well done yesterday steve on the team win!

                              The water is down on laugherne island which i will put back up this week. A few of the pegs are too high on there but we are talking about putting those platforms in like wyatts on all the pools eventually.

                              as you know oak has always leaked and that can nevers be stopped because it comes through that bank into lawn.

                              Wyatts is down about 4 inches but we originally had the water up to the bottom of the wood on the pegs. The reason why its so low is that the disabled people came round and asked for us to drop the water due to health and safety. I dont know the reason for this so im sorry

                              laurel wants some water but no leaks

                              hope this helps you all and answers any questions that you have or had.

                              thanks scotty