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Results for market weighton canal

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  • Results for market weighton canal

    Weather Conditions :- warm and breezy

    Number Fished :- 19


    lets get off those commercials and do some 'proper' fishing they said so we did and heres the results

    1st steve addy 6 1/2oz
    2nd tim evans 2 3/4oz
    3rd darren cross 1 1/2oz
    4th pete blackman 1 1/4oz
    5th= bill riseam 1/2oz
    5th= clive lewis 1/2oz

    everyone else dnw

    a gin clear and weedy canal greeted us which didnt bode well and a real grueller ensued.
    steve fished a steady match to land 4 fish 3 silvers and 1 perch for a runaway victory. it was obviously a flyer and i think the peg was good for at least 8oz!
    the tangler took second with a tidy match of two bites two fish achieved with a specimen approach and quality fish!
    darren snared just one perch for 3rd on the choppie
    blacky landed one perch for a well deserved 4th
    joint 5th was bill on 1 fish (not a bream as bank side rumours suggested)
    and clive with two fry

    now you might think that this was not a very eventful match wrong you are.the first bit of excitement occurred when a local fishery owner took a small motor boat through everyones peg to have a word with me (the organiser) apparently some one expressed the opinion he was a knobhead which i confirmed and the resulting mellee there was about 6 club members in my peg politely requesting he come out of his boat and 'discuss' the issue on the bank!
    he declined but then threatened to 'get his gun' and sort us out. it got a bit ugly and feeling the satey of club memebers was seriously under threat i called the police to resolve the incident as threats of fire arms could get out of hand. he then dissapeared in his boat going through the pegs again just to wind everyone up.
    10 minutes later his wife turns up with two huge dogs looking for the organiser (me) she then proceeded to take up the argument which was pointless as i wasn't in the right frame of mind. the up shot of it was they were setting up a fishery and objected to anglers fishing the canal near to there land. (obviously to tempt more anglers on to their ponds) what a pair of retards clueless about business and alienated there local source of income the local angling club!!

    Additional Info :-

    the police are dealing with the incident as he has threatened to disrupt any future matches any where on the canal and he also decided he had reclassified the venue as a river so we will be reported for fishing it off season. it is infact a land drain and as such open all year. i fear for the idiots saftey.

    Added by :- compleat tangler

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    Report him to british waterways.Mind you looking at those weights i dont think many anglers will be rushing their.In future maybe you would be better off booking a stretch of canal,it would save any conflict like you have experienced.On a lighter note its a shame its not a better stretch[fishing wise]as you could rent it as a club and really p--s him off.Maybe have the odd night match.


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      I trust their fishery will be highly sucessful!!
      John - Kingfisher
      Talk Angling Senior Member
      Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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        of course you will notify waterways to see if he has a licence for his boat.....and the angling papers will love wont get your results in but you will get your story printed
        In darkness we do what we can
        In daylight we're oblivion


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          it is a prolific stretch but usually from october onwards when a bit of rain has been through it and the weed dies. last year you needed double figures to frame in most matches with 44lb best weight it was just wrong on the day. i had 34lb last year it just needs colour and no retards in boats
          the carrot bites back:D
          ooh you are awful!!


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            Results Service. Wow, this guy sounds like a psycho! I was down at the MW Canal on Tuesday looking for somewhere new to fish. Do you know where this guy lives so that I can avoid him?
            Does anyone know if you can walk all the way up Canal Side West until you reach the River Foulness? When I drove up Canal Side West on Tuesday, there is a metal five bar gate. It has a heavy duty padlock locking it. But the strange thing is... the EA have put a sign on the gate giving the person who locked it 7 days to remove their lock or they will cut it off! It says that the EA require access 24/7, 365 days a year in case of flooding. Sounds like someone up there reckons the West side of the canal belongs to them! If I decide to go fishing up there, I don't want to end up looking down the barrell of some hill billy's shot gun! Does anyone know what's going on there?


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              there is pedestrian access on the east bank i dont know about the west bank but there has been some strange goings on there of late. yake a bullet proof vest and you should be alright
              the carrot bites back:D
              ooh you are awful!!


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                Thanks Complete Tangler. I don't want to get involved with any nutters on that stretch of the canal. I might just go for a nosey down by the railway bridge near Broomfleet. Or I might have a look a bit further down. Any gossip about any big pike in the canal?


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                  it hasn't really kicked in to winter fishing yet so the pike are still all over like the silver fish but foulness mouth is usually popular but try the pylons below broomfleet landing there will be plenty down there.
                  the carrot bites back:D
                  ooh you are awful!!


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                    Thanks for the advice on the Foulness and Broomfleet landing. What is the best way to reach Foulness mouth? Can I walk up Canal Side West and hop over the gate, or is there vehicle access to get you a little closer.? Also, is Broomfleet landing the stretch in Broomfleet village near to the roof tile factory? Sorry for being so thick. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.


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                      i know you can drive as far as the pumps on the east bank then private land means your on foot this can be accessed by going down thimblehall lane going over the motorway turn right at the t junction carry on over the canal and turn left up the lane till you get to the pumps. the pylons are downstream of the landing at blue lagoon (the big pond on the right as you look at the canal) parkup on the grass area and walk down stream !00yds or so.the fish are shoaled here at the moment so the pike will be there aswell.tight lines
                      the carrot bites back:D
                      ooh you are awful!!