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Larford match lake shallow bank

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  • Larford match lake shallow bank

    Quarry bank labour
    17 fished
    1st ..j.smith 46lb 13oz

    2nd l.jones 40lb 6oz

    3rd b.checketts 30lb 6oz

    cold but bright..... Winner caught on pole and pellet..... But most weights came from feeder

  • #2
    only club in the country who are given the whole lake and peg 17 pegs side by side on the shallow bank in the middle of winter hope the bone idle folk amongst them had a great day


    • #3
      17 fishin only 2 blokes that want to walk further than they can spit lol......


      • #4
        i sense anamosity in this thread :/

        has it been stocked ??


        • #5

          Dont sound like it does it ??


          • #6
            yes its been stocked in the week before!

            the anamosity is.... phil let them have the hole of match lake... all 80 pegs... and they chose to put everyone on next pegs to each other in a line from the cafe...

            so the fish just got out of the way, on the other side of the lake!


            • #7
              my apologies
              Cant believe that a club after being given whole lake would choose to fish all in a line
              No doubt they would have moaned if they had been told they had to fish adjoining pegs ?
              cant win can you ??
              Anglers never cease to amaze me .


              • #8
                i pegged the match only me and rabkia wanted to peg the whole pool so i put from cafe to island in peg 7 to 36 ....29 pegs for 17 blokes cant do much when no one will walk


                • #9
                  Thats not every peg is it ?? Personaly think thats ok
                  ,would prefer all matches to be pegged every other peg or peg 2 miss 1
                  think a lot of opens have too much room


                  • #10
                    I would prefer to be all in a line on 1 side and then you can cast over the far side! The opposite bank is horrible for shipping the pole back and the walks are a bit of a pain! And I ain't lazy! Trouble with near bank is no platforms, very shallow in margin and not allowed to wade far enough!


                    • #11
                      pegs 36 -7 are the club pegs in reality it was every peg next to each other if you fish the opens