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Southview Skegness Open Match Sat 6th Nov Results

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  • Southview Skegness Open Match Sat 6th Nov Results

    1, Russ Parsons Skegness M G linc,s 32lb 9oz
    2, John Gooden Mill Don Baits linc,s 24lb 14oz
    3, Jamie Riding Seathorne linc,s 16lb 8oz
    4, Terry Moakes Southview linc,s 15lb 8oz
    On a well turned out match most anglers found the going hard
    Russ Parsons Skegness MG took top spot with carp to 4lb on pellet at 14m
    John Gooden Mill Don Baits stuck it out on maggot for a nice net of roach for 24lb 14oz

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    Snaptackle.jpg How did you go on this week end me old mucker! Bib-n-brace.jpg


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      lol at least you've improved his looks...he even wears that jacket out shopping with his mrs..looks good but stinks of kippers and it nearly fits that a pee pot on his head.


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        It's true, Skegness Hospital have successfully removed the sun visor for KKingfishers head (hard to believe, I know), The surgeon heading the operation is quoted as saying "Having lived with this appalling affliction for some years now, Joe has finally had the offending appendage removed, we think you'll agree the operation has been a resounding success, how the poor man has coped with his appearance before the operation is a huge testament to the mans character". The surgeon went on to say that in a couple of weeks he's going under the knife again, this time to remove the the underpants and sweatshirt he's been wearing for the same period.

        On behalf of everyone that knows you : "Good look Joe - we hope your recovery is as successfull as your performance of the out and out flyer was this weekend"
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          I'd also like to wish joe a full and successful recovery, my only concern would be who's going to rehouse his personal collection of flies that follow him everywhere once the said pants and sweatshirts been removed. - lol


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            Bib-n-brace.jpg before the opp and after took some getting that hat of looks better with it on and hes still waiting for a bite after.jpg