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Results for Lindholme Lakes - Nr Doncaster

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  • Results for Lindholme Lakes - Nr Doncaster

    Weather Conditions :- Weekly results, on the whole good warm weather

    Number Fished :- various


    Tuesday open 21 fished Willows

    1 John Holvey peg 2 caught on paste for 59lb 7oz (lindholme)at 5 mtrs
    2 Roy Chambers peg 19 caught on pellets at 7 mtrs for 54lb 3oz (lindholme)
    3 Lee Chambers peg 34 caught on pellets and buscuit for 49lb 6oz (lindholme)

    Weds Open Laurels 24 fished

    1 Alan Beddows peg 16 caught on paste for 98lb 6oz of carp too 3lb (stainforth a/c)
    2 Andy Whitehose peg 46 caught on caster for 79lb 11oz (shorpe vde)
    3 Jim Clayton peg 41 caught on pellets for 71lb 13oz (joker)
    4 Chris Lawerence peg 33 caught on paste for 68lb 1oz (shorpe)

    Thursday open Bonsai Lake 18fished

    1 John Holvey peg 68 caught on pellets at 6mtrs for 159lb 4oz (lindholme)
    2 Terry Land peg 61 caught on pellets for 126lb 6oz (tykes)
    3 Shaun Land peg 48 caught on pellets for 118lb 12oz (lindholme)
    4 Wayne jones peg 60 caught on pellets for 99lb 6oz (lindholme)

    Sat Open Laurels lakes 29 fished

    1 Gary Moffet peg 4 caught on worm and caster for 79lb 9oz (whickersley)
    2 Roy Chambers peg 53 caught on pellets for 68lb 1oz (lindholme)
    3 Derek Jackson peg 33 caught on pellets for 62lb 1oz (goldthorpe)
    4 Stuarte walker peg 38 caught on buscuit for 58lb 2 oz (lindholme)

    Sunday Open Loco 34 fished

    1 Sam Morgan peg 38 caught on worm for 91lb 5oz (ackworth)
    2 Alan Beddows peg 36 caught on worm for 57lb 13oz (stainforth a/c)
    3 Steve Cromie peg 6 caught on worm for 47lb 7oz (lindholme)
    4 Craig Singleton peg 34 caught on pellets for 34lb 5oz (sheffield)

    Additional Info :-

    The Lindholme Winter League is again going to be the best around ,with a gaurenteed £10,000 winners payout.The overal winner will also be sponsered by Lindholme Lakes to free entry into all the opens for a full year including pools at Lindholme the value over the year exceeds £5000.
    It starts on 8th Oct and then fortnightly,15 matches at £20 including pools drop worst 7 matches count best 8.We payout in sections and Lake wins with last years payout exceeded £25,000 in total.There is a one off payment of £20 to enter.
    There is also a open the box in force wqere you can win anything from £10 to £500 if you are the overall winner on each match.
    There is allready 53 names down and there is 150 pegs available so book now to avoid dissapointment.

    Added by :- Simon Young

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    This weeks Lindholme results

    Tuesday open willows Lake 21 fished

    1 Lee Chambers peg 10 caught on paste for 69lb 5oz of small carp to 2lb (lindholme)
    2 Steve Lane peg 30 caught on pellets at 10 mtrs for 69lb 1oz (harlequins)
    3 George Grundy peg 27 caught on caster for 49lb 6oz (tykes)
    4 Dave Sweeting peg 56 caught on pellets for 47lb 12oz (miracle baits)

    weds Open Laurels lake 27 fished

    1 Ali Mcquire peg 33 caught on pellets for 57lb 13 at 8 mtrs (misterton)
    2 Paul Wilson peg 16 caught on paste for 51lb 1oz at 3mtrs (lindholme)
    3 Roy Chambers peg 25 caught dog buscuit for 46lb 2oz (lindholme)
    4 Andy Whitehouse peg 65 caught on caster for 41lb 10oz (shorpe)

    Thursday Open Bonsai lake 17 fished

    1 Steve Rothery peg 62 caught on pellets up in air for 115lb 5oz (goldthorpe)
    2 John Holvey peg 64 caught on paste for 98lb 11oz (lindholme)
    3 Andy Stoner peg 60 caught on pellets for 69lb 13oz (cudmore)

    Sat Open Laurels Lake 38 fished

    1 Stuarte Walker peg 43 caught on pellets for 79lb 6oz at 13mtrs (lindholme)
    2 Derek Jackson peg 61 caught on caster and worm at 11mtrs for 39lb 3oz (goldthorpe)
    3 Andy Whitehouse peg 25 caught on pellets for 32lb 13oz (shorpe)
    4 Bob Rymer peg 20 caught on caster for 31lb - (lindholme)

    Sunday open Beeches 26 fished

    1 Graham Laverack peg 14 caught on pellet and waggler for 88lb 6oz (goldthorpe)
    2 Ivan Widdows peg 10 caught on pellets for 69lb 6oz (lindholme)
    3 John Emmerson peg 31 caught on pellets at 13mtrs for 66lb 7oz (lindholme)
    4 Roy Chambers peg 13 caught on corn for 61lb 10oz (lindholme)
    Simon Young
    Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
    web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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      that bonsai is fishing well i love small carp fishing
      sensas /total angling


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        Any time you fancy coming up to Lindholme Dave let us know and I will meet up with you there.
        Simon Young
        Talk Angling UK fishing chat and tackle
        web design Doncaster - Limitless Digital


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          Good to see different names in the results, it makes it seem more open.