14 of us had a little knock up on the boat house stretch.
A bloody good walk for all,very shallow on the pole line 20 inches!
Very nice sunny day once the sun burnt through the mist,warm with a slight breeze.


1.Colin Treece lb 53.12
2.Wayne Bailey 151.6 Method feeder/ corn
3.Tim Harris 65.10
4.Mark Richo 80.10
5.Jeff Treece 67.4
6.Jamie Jones 153.14 Pellet waggler 8mm's
7.Mark Fox 120.13 Pole/paste
8.Tony Dickens 92.9 Method feeder/expander
9.Bill Fox DNW
10.Spare peg
11.Ray Towle 61.12
12.Ken Bowler 47.12
13.Arthur Clarke DNW
14.Bill 'honest'Makin 74.15
15.Ady Lyndsay 150.7 Pole/ cat meat

Great day out for all