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    Saturday 6th October 2018

    Weather: Persistent rain throughout the day feeling colder than normal.

    A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicoloured circular arc. Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun.
    And as well all know, at the end of the Rainbow is a pot of gold and that is we're you will find the Big Bash Angling Club.

    Interesting fact
    The origin of the idiom “every cloud has a silver lining” is most likely traceable to the year 1634, when John Milton Penned his masque Comus. In it, the quote appears as “Was I deceived or did a sable cloud Turn forth her silver lining on the night?”
    Every Cloud has a Silver Lining means: You can derive some benefit from every bad thing that happens to you.
    Example of use: James Maude Angling Club you come second in a fishing match. Answer: “You see, every cloud has a silver lining.”

    May I start by thanking thirty devoted , loyal and dedicated Anglers who in pursuit of their sport put on a terrifically display of angling at the Sherwood Forest Fishery and Holmedale Lake. A Fishery that continues to produce some fantastic weights week in and week out. A big Thank You to Mick Langton and his team who are always on hand to help our cause to catch. Set in the heart of Sherwood Forest if the fishing doesn't get you then the scenery will.
    Today's match was the return leg of the JM v BB annual gathering of Micky taking monkey drinkers and what a day it turned out to be, the three very important factors that on most fisheries would kill any lake:
    1: Overnight and constant rain throughout the day.
    2: Temperatures falling from 17c down to 9c.
    3: A pressured lake with thirty anglers on it.
    But Holmedale did not disappoint with two ton weights numerous 80lb weights and a list of good backup weights. Thank you Holmedale for a cracking match.
    In his quest to win the champion of champions trophy Gary Summerscales took top weight with 112lb-5oz from peg 34. Well done Gary.
    Always a framer is Andy Waite pegged on four, Andy took the second ton of the day with 100lb-3oz. Well done Andy.
    In form young gun Scott Dibble pegged on 39 weighed in with 88lb-13oz. Well done Scott.

    1st section winner: Terry Wiggins with 86lb-12oz peg 32. Well done Terry.
    2nd section winner: Paul Atton with 85lb-9oz peg 32. Well some Paul.
    3rd section winner: Phil Smedley with 82lb-9oz peg 14. Well done Smed.
    4th section winner: Ian Carr with 81lb-8oz peg 10. Well done Ian.
    5th section winner: Tony Smith with 81lb peg 42. Well done Tony.

    So very well done to all the above, very well done to the Big Bash AC on retaining the trophy. A massive thank you to Nick Heath, Paul Skeldon, Leo Martin, Steve Curtis, Pete Lambert, Scott Dibble, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all. It is team work that makes this event run so smoothly. Thank you all.

    The results are in: JM denotes James Maude, BB Denotes Big Bash.

    Gary Summerscales 112lb-5oz peg 34 BB
    Andy Waite 100lb-3oz peg 4 BB
    Scott Dibble 88lb-13oz peg 39 JM
    Terry Wiggins 86lb-12oz peg 32 JM
    Paul Atton 85lb-9oz peg 47 BB
    Phil Smedley 82lb-9oz peg 14 JM
    Ian Carr 81 lb-8oz peg 10 JM
    Tony Smith 81lb peg 42 JM
    Nick Heath 73lb-12oz peg 36 JM
    Steve Curtis 73lb-5oz peg 12 BB
    Dave Sewell 71lb-5oz peg 28 JM
    Dave Fox 68lb-13oz peg 22 BB
    Steve Guy 66lb-1oz peg 8BB
    Andre Wilson 65lb-2oz peg 20 BB
    Glen Haynzs 62lb-13oz peg 40 BB
    Mick Roche 57lb-1oz peg 55 BB
    Roger Summerscales 57lb peg 51 BB
    Paul Skeldon 55lb-9oz peg 24 JM
    Leo Martin 53lb-15oz peg 17 BB
    Pete Lambert 53lb-7oz peg 6 JM
    Alan Slack 50lb-3oz peg 19 JM
    Pete Jackson 48lb-4oz peg 53 JM
    Keith Smith 48lb-3oz peg 37 BB
    Mike Dodd 48lb-1oz peg 26 BB
    Brian Cox 46lb-10oz peg 2JM
    Billy Harrison 46lb-5oz peg 49 JM
    Kevin Webster 40lb-9oz peg 31 BB
    Dave Lilliman 34lb peg 45 JM
    Shaun Green 30lb-7oz peg 21 JM
    John Balmforth 25lb-4oz peg 44 BB

    BB Total weight = 963lb-4oz
    JM Total weight = 930lb-10oz
    The combined weights of both clubs 1,893lb-14oz proved on a pressured lake how good Holmedale fished.

    Well done to all fishing in horrendous conditions.
    Until we meet again Tight Lines.

    Thank you for taking the time too read.
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>