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Big Bash Ac V James Maude Ac Lindholme Lakes Willows.

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  • Big Bash Ac V James Maude Ac Lindholme Lakes Willows.

    Big Bash Ac V James Maude Ac Lindholme Lakes Willows.
    Sunday 6th May 2012 (6hrs)
    Weather: Early morning frost clearing to bring sunny clear skies with slight breeze.

    Well as the premier league title race hots up, the early frosty morning wakeup call didn’t. With all the posting done and dusted, pre match banter put to one side, the white dog doo ordered and the Big Bash lads finely tuned with practise sessions. The pressure was on the Merry Men from Mansfield to step up to the mark and be counted, when the gauntlet was thrown down following the post Christmas celebrations it was eagerly picked up and the battle and banter began. With the onset of the New Year beckoning this had the potential to rival all the premier league could throw at it. The posting and banter was flowing faster than the Trent after a deluge. So two teams of fifteen anglers would pole it out, this was the first leg of two and with home advantage to the Big Bash lads with Willows being the chosen battle ground, the opposing teams gathered into their respective groups seeking each other out following a hearty breakfast. With cash making Neil’s tills ring with joy it was time to settle down to the serious business of the draw all monies paid and with two bags odd and evens it was flip a coin time. Team Captain Billy Weldec called heads and the choice was blue bag with the white bag going to the Big bash lads. So with all the essentials out the way it was time to make our way down to the Willows but not before a photo opportunity for both teams with plenty of smiles on show who would be smiling at 4.0pm and who would have to much Dog doo left on their tray. With the sun know shining on the righteous the all in was called elastics were being tested from the off and the lake had suddenly come alive let battle commence:
    The results are as follows: JM denotes James Maude Ac – BB denotes Big Bash AC
    Nick Heath 71lb-9oz peg 53 JM
    Wayne Jerram 76lb-4oz peg 21 JM
    Joe G 59lb-1oz peg 6 BB
    Ian Carr 54lb-10 oz peg 25 JM
    Dave Sewell 48lb-4oz peg 44 JM
    Kevin Brown 47lb-12oz peg 34 JM
    Gary Knight 43lb-5oz peg 32 BB
    Julian Chadwick 42lb-15oz peg 14 JM
    Pete Lambert 41lb-8oz peg 5 JM
    Kevin Allen 39lb-12oz peg 52 BB
    Brian Cox 38lb-11oz peg 41 JM
    Big Glen 38lb-9oz peg 19 BB
    Gary Butcher 33lb-5oz peg 17 JM
    Kyle Wood 33lb-5oz peg 11 JM
    Steve Guy 31lb-5oz peg 2 BB
    Billy Harrison 29lb-15oz peg 23 JM
    Col 29lb-7oz peg 9 BB
    Jeff 27lb-13oz peg 24 BB
    Pete Jackson 27lb-6oz peg 46 JM
    Pappa Kev 24lb-4oz peg 45 BB
    Paul Skeldon 23lb-13oz peg 36 JM
    John White 21lb-14oz peg 22 BB
    Lawrence Butcher 20lb-12oz peg 7 JM
    Ferret 20lb-9oz peg 16 BB
    Jack 19lb-10oz peg 35 BB
    Andy Wate 16lb-14oz peg 38 BB
    Terry Cheeseman 14lb-8oz peg 50 JM
    Smiler 12lb-11oz peg 13 BB
    Tackle Tart 9lb-6oz peg 48 BB
    Tryzard 7lb-14oz peg 43 BB

    So with a deficit of 165lbs to make up it’s off for the second leg Saturday October 6th 2012 at Sherwood Forest Farm Park Holmedale.

    Top twelve weights to count from each leg and added together.

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>

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    all set for the big lumps in the next round !!!
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      Hi, I am on Willows this weekend,any tips on baits methods etc as I've not been on for a while.


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        dont ask big bash lads lol jakthelad meat and corn pal good luck castor for trout
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          Cracking JM result on the day. Will they beat us on our home ground though?


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            Originally posted by Kevin Brown View Post
            Cracking JM result on the day. Will they beat us on our home ground though?
            Kev, you know as well as I do mate that deficit could be made up with ten fish in last hour on Holmedale.
            Regards Billy Boy :)

            .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
            .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>