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5Ways Kestral 13/5/2012

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  • 5Ways Kestral 13/5/2012

    The Devon AC Bait Supplied

    Bright and windy at times

    17 fished

    1st Covblaze 35 - 0 peg 41 Paste and meat at 16 Meters to the far bank
    2nd Milo 33 - 15 peg 43
    3rd Coxs62 23 - 12 peg 47
    4th Alan 23 - 2 peg 52
    5th CovBaz 21 - 6 peg 59 (flyer) (A section Winner)
    6th Dave 15 - 8 peg 39 (B section Winner)
    7th Beano (guest) 13 - 4 peg 57
    8th Big 'Subway' Bob 10 - 0 peg 6
    9th Birchy 8 - 8 peg 53
    10th Ken 8 - 6 peg 38
    11th Drynet-Porky 5 - 14 peg 54 (go on the Pig!!!!)
    =12th Tony 5 - 3 peg 56
    =12th Bamyam 5 - 3 peg 2
    14th Dek 2 - 7 peg 48 (Golden Peg, Good Clubman)
    15th Mandy 1 - 13 peg 50
    16th John 1 - 12 peg 58
    17th Joe 0 - 1 peg 4

    The bait we received was 1kg Method mix, tin of corn, tin of meat 4mm cubed, 1kg 4mm pellets, handful of 8mm pellets, some pumped 4mm expanders and half a pint of red maggots.

    First up a big well done to CovBaz who organised the bait and most importantly kept it all a secret. There was only one complaint and that was that there was too much choice, not the worm and castor we were expecting to play to someone strength

    The draw was made and the last two pegs in the bag happened to be the two flyers and where the 5ways fish live and hang out, bit like the Devon for the two anglers who were to occupy these out and out flyers for the day One of the anglers doing his best impression of Lonnie, the banjo-playing boy, in the 1972 film Deliverance started well on the Andy Finley designed feeder by preston until the start of the 5th hour when he chucked it up a tree and broke his 6lb main string and never had another fish costing him the match. Next to Milo on 47 was the now regular 'Framer' Coxs62 who has improved his fishing no end in the last couple of years, another solid performance saw him catch on the feeder to the over hanging tree on his fish hang out flyer.

    A surprise angler in the frame today was Alan who could do with getting CovBaz to get his bait every week if its going to get him in the top 4 , Alan caught 7 carp from peg 52 by first casting to the island but later on dropping the method feeder at his feet in the margin for some better fish. Thats why I never catch well I the margins, I've been using a pole

    Big Subway Bob who had a good session the night before caught steady on the method for 10lb in a poor area where Joe could only manage a gudgeon which was bettered by a 3 year old fishing with her dad a few pegs up where she snarred a dumpy roach, shes joining next season so watch out Joe. Bamyam the worm whisperer never had his bait of choice and had about a pound until seconds to go when he found a single carp on meat from his margin.

    Having drew the far end of the lake for the third time I was not happy as it is a lot further to the island and with there being more water on the lake than ever before i was faced with 18 meters to get to the far shelf and having only 16 meters of pole meant I had to get closer so out came the platform, which hasn't seen the water since Ireland, and after being positioned 2 meters out it enabled me to reach where the 5ways fish always seem to be. I fished the far shelf all day and had 10 carp and 2 skimmers on paste and meat, losing a monster halfway through under the tree to my left. I foul hooked a 4lb carp in the margin on a bare hook as well, SOLID!!!! I never thought I had beat Milo but his poor last hour really cost him.

    Special mention to Dave who was fishless for 4 and a half hours before his patience paid off taming 3 margin specimens on his mighty black magic for 15lb 8oz and 6th place and a B section win, a valuable lesson there, never give up, winners never quit and quitters never win!!!!

    Also well done to my pairs partner Porky, another potential bananna skin averted and when he gets into this paste lark he'll be shooting up the table

    Next up Bishops bowl on the 10th June.
    SWANN'S BAITS 02476 402900

    WATERCRAFT!!!! :D:rolleyes:

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    Standings after 3 rounds

    1st CovBaz 65
    2nd Tony 58
    =3rd Birchy 53
    =3rd Covblaze 53
    5th Gaverlarrrr 49
    6th Coxs62 46
    7th Milo 45
    8th Dave 44
    9th Ken 43
    10th Alan 39
    11th Big Subway Bob 35
    12th Bamyam 34
    13th Dek 30
    =14th Drynet-Porky 29
    =14th John 29
    =16th Mandy 24
    =16th Joe 24
    18th C Section Wannabe 3

    Pairs Standings

    1st Coxs62 & Birchy 99
    2nd Bob & Tony 93
    3rd CovBaz & Joe 89
    4th Covblaze & Drynet-Porky 82
    =5th Dek & Dave 74
    =5th Milo & John 74
    =7th Bamyam & Alan 73
    =7th Gaverlarrr & Mandy 73
    9th Ken & Ghostie32 46

    Weight caught on each venue

    Canal 3 - 3 (17 fished) average of 0 - 3 each
    MFL 498 - 8 (17) average of 29 - 3 each
    5Ways 215 - 2 (17) average of 12 - 6 each
    SWANN'S BAITS 02476 402900

    WATERCRAFT!!!! :D:rolleyes:


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      what a great write up Covblaze....