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Hillview lakes Open - Wednesday 23rd May 2012

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  • Hillview lakes Open - Wednesday 23rd May 2012

    Yes... Yes... a day off work, fishing and sunshine It dos'nt get any better.
    14 anglers turned out today to fish the open on the Moorhen Lake and the 1st Canal, 10 anglers on the Lake and 4 on the 1st Canal.
    The fish have started to get frisky and up for plenty of action in the margins so todays rule was to fish a metre from the reeds so we wouldn't disturb the fish.
    It was nice to see 'Huggy' back... or should I say the 'Dodger'... he needed to win his section today... we had a visit from the EA and 'Huggy' forgot his YOU KNOW WHAT I think he will be ok though, 'Huggy' is going to wine and dine him... kiss...kiss it won't happen again will it 'Huggy'.
    Right... back to the results....

    1st Andy 'THE BRUTE' 98.3 peg 1 Moorhen - (meat short)
    2nd Trevor 'Little Brute' 97.1 peg 48 1st Canal - Section Winner (meat short)
    3rd Tommo ' Magget Man' 71.6 peg 51 1st Canal (magget - lots of em)
    4th Andy Griff 71.0 peg 3 Moorhen - Section Winner
    5th Nigel 65.2 peg 5 Moorhen
    6th 'Huggy' THE DODGER 64.14 peg 15 Moorhen - Section Winner he needs it (corn)
    7th Leon 64.10 peg 7 Moorhen
    8th Paul Caswell 61.8 peg 42 1st Canal
    9th Lesley 61.4 peg 17 Moorhen
    10th Francis Porter 59.2 peg 45 1st Canal

    Well, not a bad day then, we all caught fish, had the sunshine all day and a great bunch of anglers, I can't wait till next week
    'Huggy'... get your licence sorted, I will also be round to see if you have a flat TV next week
    I won't be down Saturday, Trev's not going to, he said he did'nt want to fish for 3rd place... he did say that did'nt he Keith... he said his lad as football... but we all know the season is over... Trev you chicken

    See you soon

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    I wanted to go ,was deciding last minute in the morning, but after night shift it would be