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Results for Tunnel Barn Farm Club Pool

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  • Results for Tunnel Barn Farm Club Pool

    Weather Conditions :- Heavy rain thunder and Lightening then sunny.

    Number Fished :- 16


    1st Andy Peters (Portway) 39-13-00 peg 4
    2nd Richard Need 36-03-00 peg 5
    3rd Roy Ravenhill (Royst) 29-08-00 peg 8
    4th Ben Taylor 28-06-00 peg 17
    5th Ron Butler 25-06-00 peg 13
    6th Mick Edwards 20-11-00 peg 21
    7th John Lester 20-07-00 peg 20
    8th Andy Sharpe 19-10-00 peg 8
    9th Mark Causer (Markc) 17-13-00 peg 2
    10th Steve Harvell 16-07-00 Peg 14
    11th Robin Ivison 14-01-00 peg 1
    12th Rob Taylor 12-11-00 peg 23
    13th Mark Bennett (Poolsfodder) 7-15-00 peg 7
    14th John Snape 5-04-04 peg 24
    15th Jon Beasley 4-10-00 peg 12
    16th Bob Moorman DNW peg 18

    The pairs knocout final was won by Richard Need and Mark Causer who beat Rob Taylor and Ralph Need(absent)

    Ron Butler leads the 9 match aggregate by 7 points from Royst with 1 match to go, at Broadacres silver pool in 3 weeks time.

    Additional Info :-

    The match was originally scheduled for Boddington Resa and had been booked 18 months previously. Because of engineering works at Boddington we were contacted by British Waterways 5 weeks before the match and informed that our booking had been cancelled. We were offered Naseby as an alternative but decide to book TBF instead.

    Added by :- Roy Ravenhill (Royst) Adroit Angling Club.

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    Good luck in the final match Roy


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      cheers Neil, I hope someone buys your Clio
      Last edited by royst; 10 October 2006, 05:31 PM.


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        If they don't it's not through lack of trying


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          Be quick the clio's selling fast?????

          Only had 1 careful vodka swilling owner.........



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            Is it a four door!?
            John - Kingfisher
            Talk Angling Senior Member
            Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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              It looks as if it WAS