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Bishops Bowl - White Bishop 10/06/2012

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  • Bishops Bowl - White Bishop 10/06/2012

    The Devon AC

    Sunny, slight breeze

    18 Fished

    1st Bamyam 41 - 12 peg 13 His Usual Worm & Castor (lots of it)
    2nd Covblaze 29 - 12 peg 15
    3rd Beano (guest) 24 - 4 peg 1
    4th Ghostie32 18 - 8 peg 12
    5th Gaverlarrrr 16 - 0 peg 19 (A section winner)
    6th Tony 15 - 12 peg 14 (FLYER) (B section winner)
    7th Drynet-Porky 8 - 4 peg 17
    8th Big Golden Hand Bob 7 - 14 peg 6
    9th Milo von Burnt Lip 7 - 8 peg 21
    10th CovBaz 6 - 13 peg 24
    11th Ken 5 - 15 peg 0
    12th Dave 5 - 2 peg 7
    13th Dek 4 - 9 peg 16 (Golden Peg)
    =14th Coxs62 2 - 15 peg 26
    =14th Birchy 2 - 15 peg 18
    16th Joe 2 - 0 peg 9
    17th Alan 0 - 13 peg
    18th Mandy The General Hunter 0 - 5 peg 11

    After a week of heavy rain we knew it was going to be hard and with everyone looking for the magic peg 14, most we're going to be disappointed but even drawing the club house end of the lake was a good draw and so it turned out. The winner Bamyam pulled 2nd favourite peg 13 which was where the old aerator used to be positioned and before the match he was heard whispering "they're 'avin it," and so it turned out as he fed 6 pints of castor, hemp and worm fed through a catty to the corner at 13 metres. It started slow for the Worm Man from Alcatraz but a magic 3rd and 4th hour saw him pull away from the field losing some Hosses along the way, a great performance and knocking cup winner 09, 10 Covblaze out the competition for the second year running (or so it seemed )

    With the aerator now positioned between pegs 11 & 12 these are also good draws and Ghostie32 who has be nicknamed 'Cesarean' after his league position which would put him in C section all on his own at the minute as he was fishless until Bishops, made a few eat their words as he put together a very impressive weight of small fish on paste from the side of peg 12's only feature to give him his best Devon finish in the 3 years he has been match fishing and drag him of the bottom of the table back into B section.

    A couple of members were not feeling well in Dave and Birchy and both only managed a couple of hours on their peg but stuck at it to catch some fish, in fact Birchy caught exactly that of his partner Coxs62 even though he only fished about a 3rd of the match, and Coxs62 was on a flyer Captain did manage however to progress to the next round of the cup after beating his wife Mandy who sat it out for the General again that unfortunately never showed in her peg (I think he was in peg 15 actually)

    Performance of the day however must go to Drynet-Porky closely followed by Big Bob who both beat CovBaz at his own game when they gave him a trouncing on paste, a method they have only just learnt after a days coaching from CovBlaze at Tofts, CovBaz might need to come along next time if his season continues on this downward spiral . Drynet-Porky fished a solid match to earn himself 20 points and move 2nd in the pairs table, well done that man Big Bob caught from the off on the sloppy stuff from a really poor peg as his drawing arm failed him, luckily this was only a temporary glitch as he got it back in full working order when he picked out Covblaze as one of the lucky losers to go into the draw for the quarter final of the cup where he later paired Bamyam against Covblaze again, Bamyam looking for the hat trick, we’ll see!!!

    Gaffney brothers venue battle - Alan 2 - 2 Porky

    Next up Peatling Parva lake B on 24/06/2012 which is also the next round of the cup which see’s 2 big match ups in the afore mention Bamyam v Covblaze round 3 and Gaverlarrrr v CovBaz the battle of the paste. The other 2 ties are Coxs62 v Dave and Tony v Joe.
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    Standings after 4 rounds of 13

    1st Covblaze 50 (dropping 27)
    2nd Gaverlarrr 49 (22)
    3rd Coxs62 46 (13)
    4th Tony 45 (34)
    5th CovBaz 44 (38)
    6th Milo von Burnt Lip 42 (21)
    =7th Birchy 41 (25)
    =7th Bamyam 41 (18)
    =7th Dave 41 (18)
    10th Ken 40 (19)
    11th Alan 39 (10)
    12th Big Bob 38 (16)
    13th Drynet-Porky 36 (13)
    14th Dek 28 (16)
    =15th John 26 (3)
    =15th Ghostie32 26 (0)
    17th Joe 22 (13)
    18th Mandy 21 (12)

    Pairs standings

    1st Coxs62 & Birchy 87
    2nd Covblaze & Drynet-Porky 86
    3rd Big Bob & Tony 83
    4th Bamyam & Alan 80
    5th Gaverlarrr & Mandy 70
    6th Dek & Dave 69
    7th Milo von Burnt Lip & John 68
    =8th Ken & Ghostie32 66
    =8th CovBaz & Joe 66

    Weight caught on each venue

    Canal 3 - 3 (17 fished) average of 0 - 3 each
    MFL 498 - 8 (17) average of 29 - 3 each
    5Ways 215 - 2 (17) average of 12 - 6 each
    White Bishop 201 - 0 (18) average of 11 - 1 each
    SWANN'S BAITS 02476 402900

    WATERCRAFT!!!! :D:rolleyes: