Wednesday 18th July 2012
1st Derek Jarman Maver Lobbys peg 23 60lb
2nd Mark Saunders Lobbys/DGL peg 5 49lb 12oz
3rd Charlie Vallender Maver Lobbys peg 11 39lb 8oz

On Thursday19/7/12 an equal chance match was held on the match lake Harescombe. All competitors could only use one pint of maggots in a 3 hour evening match.
Considering the handicap it fished very well with all catching both carp and silver fish.

1st Andy Price Maver Lobbys/Harescombe peg 5 44lb 2oz
2nd Rob Stubley Cheltenham peg 25 36lb 8oz
3rd Terry Girdlestone Gloucester peg 8 33lb 2oz