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Results for Lindholme Lakes Doncaster

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  • Results for Lindholme Lakes Doncaster

    Weather Conditions :- Starting to get cooler, mainly mild with little rain

    Number Fished :- Various


    Tuesday Open willows Lake 21 fished

    1 John Emmerson peg 8 caught on pellets and casters for 79lb 8oz (lindholme)
    2 John Holvey peg 33 caught on paste for 76lb 4oz (lindholme)
    3 Steve Lane peg 10 caught on paste for 56lb 7oz (lindholme0
    4 Albert evans peg 46 caught on caster for 45lb 8oz (doncaster tackle)

    Weds Open Laurels lake 28 fished

    1John Emmerson peg 4 caught up in water for 108lb 6oz on pellets (lindholme)
    2 John Howard peg 62 caught on pellets for 89lb 9oz on pellets and paste (yorkshire baits)
    3 Lee Chambers peg 46 caught on corn in edge for 74lb 10oz (lindholme)
    4 Andy Whitehouse peg 33 caught on caster for 69lb 8oz (shorpevde)

    Thursday Open Bonsai Lake 18 fished

    1 Steve Rothery peg 36 caught on pellets for 156lb 7oz (goldthopre)
    2 Pete Baker peg 64 caught on pellets and maggots for 129lb 9oz (lindholme)
    3 Terry Land peg 45 caught on maggots for 121lb 7oz (tykes)
    4 Shaun Land peg 42 caught on pellets for 111lb 12oz (lindholme)
    5 Ray Evans peg 33 caught on pellets for 109lb 14oz (lindholme)

    Sat Open Beeches and Willows Lake 39 fished

    1 Tony Quinn peg 6 beeches caught on maggots on waggler for 69lb 5oz (fishing republic)
    2 John Howard peg 16 Beeches caught on pellets for 67lb 12oz (yorkshire baits )
    3 John Holvey fished peg 10 willows caught on paste for 65lb 12oz (lindholme)
    4 Brian Peck peg 8 willows caught on pellets for 58lb 7oz (fishing republic)
    5 Pete Miles peg 56 willows caught on pellets for 55lb 5oz (goldthorpe)
    6 Gary Jubb peg 44 willows caught on caster for 49lb 7oz (goldthorpe)

    Sunday Open Laurels and Beeches 37 fished

    1 Robert Hitchens peg27 beeches caught on pellets for 59lb 6oz (yorkshire baits )
    2 Dave Toyne peg 8 Beeches caught on caster for 56lb 6oz (flying scotsman)
    3 Derek Jackson peg 6 beeches caught on corn for 50lb 10oz (goldthorpe)
    4 John Emmerson peg 1 beeches caught on pellets for 46lb 3oz (lindholme)
    5 Craig Singleton peg 13 beeches caught on caster for 37lb 7oz (lindholme)

    Additional Info :-

    The winter league is next Sunday and all new entries are still welcolme 80 anglers now registered.

    Added by :- Simon Young