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Shattersford winter league round 5

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  • Shattersford winter league round 5

    The last but one round was like a match of to half's with most of the weights coming off ERICS.
    With strong winds and heavy showers 16 anglers braved the elements to fish like true pro's.
    Due to high winds most fished the feeder but the brave few that fished the pole came out on top.
    Phil lead the field from the off,fishing at five meter's to hand in 15ft of water he started to catch
    roach on casters closely followed by Grant who also fished the pole/feeder.
    Up on MASTERS Simon Ryan lead the lake from the off feeder fishing for the Bream with corn being
    the bait, followed by Andy Vard pole fishing at 13 meters were he caught small roach.
    I would like to say that Phil fished like a true master on his lake as the resulting all roach catch
    was truly outstanding Well done Phil...

    1st Phil 32-3-0 All Roach to pole ERICS LAKE WINNER
    2nd Grant 24-8-0 Bream/Roach pole/feeder ERICS
    3rd Malc 23-8-0 Bream/Roach feeder ERICS
    4th Gary 22-13-0 Bream/Roach feeder ERICS
    5th Simon 18-7-0 Bream feeder MASTERS LAKE WINNER
    6th Bod 11-7-0 Bream/Roach ERICS
    7th Barry 11-0-0 Bream/Roach ERICS
    8th Vardy 8-3-0 Small Roach pole MASTERS
    9th Santa 7-15-0 perch/Roach pole MASTERS ( CARP THROW BACK!!)
    10th Ivan 7-8-0 Bream/Roach feeder MASTERS (AND BILL WAS IN YOUR PEG!)
    11th Bill 7-2-0 Bream/A Roach feeder (YES YOU WERE!!)MASTERS
    12th Berg 7-0-0 Roach/Perch pole/feeder MASTERS
    13th Ogy 9-4-0 sorry tho's dam scales!! 5-12-0 roach pole MASTERS
    14th Selwyn 4-3-0 Roach pole/feeder ERICS
    15th Nuddy DNW ERICS
    16th Mick who did catch but missed the weigh net and his catch endedup back in the drink!!
    17th Mark who lost his Crab Line and DNF O Well!!!!

    Well Done To Phil and Simon...!!

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    super star
    [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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      well done vidas a master class on how to fish 74 turns from peg 5 to peg 2 in desperation to catch a bream


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        hahahahahahahahaha whooped your little ass again and had your money for doing it bitch,,,,,and stop being jealous it isn't my fault you cant cast that far ner ner ner ner,, and it was 60 turns ya plank if I went 74 id have been up the tree ,,,, oh and the beer you HAD to buy me for the bet you lost was a beauty cheers big boy
        [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]


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          how big was your bream bill you know that one bream you had from ivans peg seeing as you couldn't catch one out of micks peg ?????????????????????????
          [SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=7][/SIZE][SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][SIZE=1][SIZE=7]malman floats[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][SIZE=5][/SIZE][B][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][COLOR="#0000CD"][/COLOR]