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Cob House Winter League - Round 4 and 5

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  • Cob House Winter League - Round 4 and 5

    Steve Ford finally gave up his strangle hold on the individual front of the cob House winter league and let someone else take top honors – fishing peg 10 on Oak pool Mick Jones (Buttonoak) took top spot with a fantastic 104-0-0. Fishing maggot on his top 5 he caught carp consistently all day and even had time for a wonder to get a 3rd net with an hour to go. In second spot was Darren Fisher (old Ghost) with 85-8-0 taken from Laugherne Island Pool – fishing long pole and corn.
    This leaves Jason Elwell (Phils Tackle) taking the Oak section by default, Steve Owen taking the Laugherne Section by default, Shaun Little (MAP/Baitech) taking the Laurel Section and Nigel Clarke (Nomads) taking the Wyatts section.
    This left team results on the day –
    1st – Nomads, 12pts
    2nd – Old Ghost, 14pts
    3rd – MAP/Bait-tech, 18pts
    4th – Buttonoak, 19pts
    5th – Phils Tackle, 20pts
    6th – Solhampton, 21pts
    7th – Misfits, 26pts
    8th – Corkys Crew, 26pts
    9th – Drawbags, 28pts
    10th – Hampstead, 35pts

    This leaves the overall league looking like this
    1st – Nomads, 11pts
    2nd – MAP/Baitech, 10pts
    3rd – Misfits, 16pts
    4th – Old Ghost, 16pts
    5th – Drawbags, 24pts
    6th – Corkys Crew, 24pts
    7th – Phils Tackle, 25pts
    8th – Button Oak, 29pts
    9th – Solhampton, 29pts
    10 – Hampstead, 38pts

    Round 5
    Laugherne island dominated the individual table this week taking the top 5 places – Steve Ford (misfits) went someway to taking his individual crown back, but could only manage second on the day with 104lb – taken on the waggler and bread to the island. The winner on the day was Terry Homer (corkys crew) with a fantastic 113lb taken on the long pole and corn. Taking third was bob baker (Drawbags) with 74-12-0 taken on long pole, corn and pellet.
    Taking Laugherne island section by double default was Bob Baker, taking Oak section Willy Bull (Corkys Crew), Taking Wyatts was Nigel Clarke (Nomads) and taking Laurel Section was Pete Bailey (Old Ghost)
    Teams on the day –
    1st – Misfits, 9pts
    2nd – Nomads, 11pts
    3rd – Old Ghost, 15pts
    4th – Drawbags, 18pts
    5th – Corkys Crew, 21pts
    6th – MAP/Baitech, 25pts
    7th – Buttonoak, 27pts
    8th – Phils Tackle, 28pts
    9th – Solhampton, 30pts
    10th – Hampstead, 35pts
    With 1 round to go, different varations of results can see 3 teams winning the league and the top 4 in various positions taking the top 3 money places (number in brackets is points score with worst result dropped)
    1st – Nomads, 11pts (8)
    2nd – MAP/Bait-tech, 16pts (10)
    3rd – Misfits, 17pts (10)
    4th – Old Ghost, 19pts (11)
    5th – Drawbags, 28pts (19)
    6th – Corkys Crew, 29pts (21)
    7th – Phils Tackle, 33pts (23pts)
    8th – Buttonoak, 36pts (26)
    9th – Solhampton, 38pts (29)
    10th – Hampstead, 48pts (38)
    Last round 2nd March

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    I'm waiting with bated breath for the result Scotty!!!!