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Re :Green man - Jam Factory - Ash Pool

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  • Re :Green man - Jam Factory - Ash Pool

    14 fished -Sunday 6th April

    1st Carl Stevens -65 lb
    2nd Steve Morgan -58 lb
    3rd Ade Westwood -45 lb
    5th Matt Price -41 lb

    Fished quite hard but not bad considering the recent major bankside clearance by the owner !!

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    Hi Steve what peg was winner on and what did he catch on ? We was on the pool sat our best weight was 50lb then dropped down to 20's I struggled from first corner peg down first slope and I'm back there this Sunday so any help would be great mate.


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      Hi mate , I was probably one up from peg you were on and winner was diagonally opposite ,,second peg down from end peg on the far bank
      if that makes sense !
      We both caught shallow on pellet on long pole as struggled to get bites on the deck, a few struggled up the far end but average weight was prob 35 lb.
      There wasn't any depth in the edges in my peg but I did have lump about 5 foot from the bare bank !!,, don't think anyone else had a bite down the edges.
      I hooked a fish off the deck early on and stayed shallow for the rest of match,, deep at first then gradually shallower to get bites.
      Hope this helps



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        well done Steve


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          Hi Steve thanks for your help mate just one more thing how deep did you start and end up I will give it ago Sunday thanks again.



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            About two and a half foot shallowing up to a foot Craig


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              Thanks Steve I will give it ago.