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Maynes pools 1 & 2 on 6/4/14

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  • Maynes pools 1 & 2 on 6/4/14

    Result from match 1 of 13

    20 members fished

    1st Dominik Gaczynski peg 32 (pool 1) 33lb 11oz pole & pellet
    2nd John Hobbs peg 38 (pool 1) 30lb pole & meat
    3rd Chris Buckley (Covblaze)Peg 7 (pool 2) 29lb 12oz pole & bread/pellet
    4th Graham Brownlie (Beano36) peg 12 (pool 2) 29lb 2oz pole and bread/pellet
    5th Dave Pritchard peg 10 (pool 2) 26lb 12oz
    6th Gavin Webb peg 33 (pool 1) 23lb 8oz
    7th Mick Davies (MickeyDa) peg 24 (pool 1) 22lb 11oz
    8th Christopher Alcock (Coxs62) peg 1 (pool 2) 19lb 11oz
    9th Dave Davies peg 40 (pool 1) 18lb 4oz
    10th Steve Milo peg 28 (pool 1) 17lb 8oz
    11th Arek Pukaluk peg 15 (pool 2) 15lb 11oz
    =12th Gordon Blacker peg 14 (pool 2) 14lb 3oz
    =12th David Whitehouse peg 22 (pool 2) 14lb 3oz
    14th Duane Roberts peg 26 (pool 1) 12lb 1oz
    15th Bob Dymond peg 30 (pool 1) 11lb 7oz
    16th Chris Knapp peg 36 (pool 1) 10lb 8oz
    17th Andi Watts (Ghostie32) peg 3 (pool 2) 7lb 12oz
    18th Paul Birch peg 19 (pool 2) 4lb 4oz
    19th Joseph Callanan peg 4 (pool 2) 3lb 14oz
    20th John Gwilliam peg 41 (pool 1) 1lb 5oz

    It was the one off pairs match as well, the trophy goes to Dave Pritchard and John Hobbs with a superb 5 points, well done both.

    1st Dave Pritchard & John Hobbs 5pts
    2nd Graham Brownlie & Steve Milo 8pts
    3rd Arek Pukaluk & Mick Davies 9pts
    4th Chris Buckley & Chris Knapp 10pts

    Standings after 1 round of 13

    1st Dominik Gaczynski 25
    2nd John Hobbs 24
    3rd Chris Buckley 23
    4th Graham Brownlie 22
    5th Dave Pritchard 21
    6th Gavin Webb 20
    7th Mick Davies 19
    8th Christopher Alcock 18
    9th Dave Davies 17
    10th Steve Milo 16
    11th Arek Pukaluk 15
    =12th Gordon Blacker 14
    =12th David Whitehouse 14
    14th Duane Roberts 12
    15th Bob Dymond 11
    16th Chris Knapp10
    17th Andi Watts 9
    18th Paul Birch 8
    19th Joseph Callanan 7
    20th John Gwilliam 6

    Season Pairs after 1 round of 13

    1st Gavin Webb & Dave Pritchard 41
    2nd Chris Buckley & Arek Pukaluk 38
    3rd Christopher Alcock & Mick Davies 37
    4th Duane Roberts & John Hobbs 36
    5th Andi Watts & Dominik Gaczynski 34
    6th Steve Milo & Gordon Blacker 30
    7th Graham Brownlie & Joseph Callanan 29
    8th Bob Dymond & Dave Davies 28
    9th David Whitehouse & John Gwilliam 20
    10th Paul Birch & Chris Knapp 18

    The lucky pegs were 32 & 40 which were Dominic Gaczynski and Dave Davies and Dom picked an envelope with a target of 170lb and they failed to take the money (£20) with a total of 51lb 5oz some 118lb 11oz short

    Dominic has qualified for the Devon AC Trophy final.

    The total weight was 345lb 8oz an average of 17lb 4oz per angler
    SWANN'S BAITS 02476 402900

    WATERCRAFT!!!! :D:rolleyes: