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James Maude Ac Tyram Hall Fishery Island Lake (6hrs)

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  • James Maude Ac Tyram Hall Fishery Island Lake (6hrs)

    James Maude Ac Tyram Hall Fishery Island Lake (6hrs)
    Saturday 17th May 2014

    Weather: Very warm and sunny.

    Today saw the James Maudes Men travelling up taNorth to fish the Island Lake at Tyram Hall Fishery, a first time venture for the maudies lads with the whole lake to fish and plenty of room could this be a bagging day for all. It was decided to leave peg one out as this had an unfair advantage of being the closest peg to the island. With all methods taken into consideration ie: Feeder, Waggler, Long pole, Short pole, margins who would benefit the most from the conditions, with the water flat calm and fish cruising around on the top, with a hint of spawning thrown in as well how much of an effect would this have on our day. Pegs 2 and 3 had the benefit of the wind direction from previous days taking the surface layer into the corners and one man who took full advantage of the conditions was Tony Smith winning his first Maudes match this season Tony fished pellet and Corn, some caught on feeder but the bulk of his weight caught down the edge to amass a respectable weight of 59lb-7oz from peg 2. Well done Tony. In form man who just needed one fish but had to settle for second place was Sean Hanrahan, Sean opted for Waggler and feeder tactics to bag 54lb-9oz from peg 19. Well done Sean. Third place going to our other Shaun Mr Green fishing from peg 14 Shaun took 34lb-4oz to the scales. Well done Shaun. So a mixed sort of a day with some average weights down to very poor weights, frustrating when you see loads of fish cruising around on the top. A big thank you to all the James Maude stalwarts who gave this venue a good crack true club men you are. So the results are as follows:

    Tony Smith 59lb-7oz peg 2
    Sean Hanrahan 54lb-9oz peg 19
    Shaun Green 34lb-4oz peg14
    Terry Wiggins 32lb-9oz peg 3
    Dave Johnson 30lb-11oz peg 8
    Brian Cox 30lb-8oz peg 28
    Dave Lilliman 30lb-1oz peg 36
    Dave Sewell 23lb-11oz peg 39
    Kev Brown 22lb-3oz peg 20
    Pete Lambert 19lb-3oz peg 9
    Terry Cheeseman 16lb-7oz peg 26
    Gary Butcher 14lb-5oz peg 17
    Billy Harrison 7lb-14oz peg 35
    Paul Skeldon 7lb-6oz peg 12
    Andy Topham 4lb-4oz peg 30
    Lawrence Butcher 1lb-1oz peg 6
    Lenny Burton 1lb peg 31
    Alan Slack 0.14oz peg 22
    Nick Heath 0.5oz peg 23
    Paul Ducky Davies DNW (guest)

    All anglers must weigh to gain league points.

    Next Match 24th May Little John Lakes (Robin Hood)

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
    Regards Billy Boy :)

    .`.??.??`.??.??`.? ><((((?>
    .`?.??.???`?.??.???`?.? ><((((?>