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Results for Lindholme Lakes South Yorkshire

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  • Results for Lindholme Lakes South Yorkshire

    Weather Conditions :- Colder nights, start of odd frost - air temp in the day 8 to 13 degrees, strong winds and showers

    Number Fished :- various


    With the resent introduction of over 15000 new stockies and chub in the willows and Laurels,in time for the start of the A/Times winter league matches, the fish are showing on these lakes with mainly Pellet at dead depth.Small micros are being fed with 4mm pellet on the hook.

    The stockie chub of about 6oz are being caught readily on caster or red maggot.
    Johnny Howard weighed in over 40lb of them in the Saturday open.

    The Bonsai is still a fish a chuck and the weight still continue to hover around the 100lb plus mark.

    Small pieces of meat cubed for the hook and minced for feed is doing the damage on both the loco and the strip

    Tuesday open Willows Lake 23 fished

    1Lee Chambers Peg 52 caught on caster for 73lb 3oz (lindholme)
    2Paul Yates peg8 caught on caster for 61lb 2oz (doncaster tackle)
    3 John Emmerson peg 10 caught on corn for 57lb 14oz (lindholme)

    Weds Open Laurels Lake 24 fished

    1 Chris Lawerence peg 62 caught on pellets for 37lb 7oz (shorpe tackle)
    2 John Emmerson peg 14 caught on caster for 34lb 2oz (lindholme)
    3 Kev Allen peg 22 caught on corn for 29lb 6oz (champion baits)

    Thursday open Bonsai Lake 21 fished

    1 Andy Oldham peg 40 caught on pellets for 72lb 5oz (maver barnsley blacks)
    2 John Emmerson peg 73 caught on caster for 69lb 13oz (lindholme)
    3 Mick Brumpton peg 77 caught on pellets for 67lb 9oz (lindholme)
    4 Dave Oldham peg 31 caught on caster for 65lb 6oz (barnsley)

    Sat Open Laurels and Willows 39 fished
    1 Johnny Howard peg4 Laurels caught on caster for 72lb 7oz (yorkshire baits)
    2 Johnny Kenning peg 18 Willows caught on caster for 67lb 2oz (goldthorpe)
    3 John Emmerson peg 25 Laurels caught on caster for 57lb 2oz (lindholme)
    4 Jess King 46 Willows caught on corn for 49lb 8oz (dons)

    Sunday Open Laurels and Bonsai 41 fished

    1 John Kelly peg 62 Bonsai caught on maggot for 69lb 13oz (goldthorpe)
    2 Roy Knox peg 52 Bonsai caught on pellets for 65lb 3oz (airebourgh)
    3 Sam Morgan peg 68 Bonsai caught on pellets for 64lb 8oz (ackworth)
    4 Dave Toyne peg 66 Bonsai Caught on pellets for 54lb 2oz (flying scotsman)

    Additional Info :-

    Added by :- Simon Young