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Hillview Sunday 14th Sept

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  • Hillview Sunday 14th Sept

    14 anglers turned up today and Keith decided to put we all on the Moorhen so the fish had nowhere to hide plenty of banter and bites to keep everybody busy.

    1st...Billy Hill.............148lb 2oz..peg 1
    2nd..Terry King..........111lb 0oz..peg 6 (section)
    3rd..Francis Porter.......90lb 8oz...peg 10 (section)
    4th..N. Rowley............89lb 0oz...peg 9
    5th..P. Ellis.................80lb 6oz...peg 5
    6th..S. Shakespeare....74lb 10oz..peg 14
    7th..Tony Frowin.......,,67lb 0oz....peg 17 (section)

    Tight pegging but the lowest weight was still 50lb so get yourself down there for a good laugh and excellent fishing you won't regret it!

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    Looking to travel up from bristol soon what's the match cost? What baits and tactics work thanks
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      Hi mate,
      It's £20 all in
      Baits at the moment seem to be pellet and corn (fishery feed pellet) any hook pellet also meat max 2 tins, maggot can work as well lots of them
      Fishing close in and down the edge
      Lakes are fished mainly on Saturday plus the odd canal depending on how many turn up, Sunday is usually the canals which can sometimes out fish the lakes so take your pick you won't be disappointed


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        Thanks what's the average size fish? How much are the fishery pellets thanks
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          anyone got saturday results ??


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            The carp average about 4 to 6lb but they go to double figures with the F1s from 8ozs to 4lb in the lakes and the carp in the canals about 2 to 4lb and there are some larger ones to, the F1s are slightly smaller but lots of them.
            The pellets cost £2:50p a bag about 2 to 3 pints.
            Nevs got the results for Saturday he normally put them on here usually monday or Tuesday.