Weather Conditions :- Wet and windy all week... not too cold though

Number Fished :- various


Tuesday Open Willows Lake 27 fished

1 Ian Gale peg 56 caught on pellets for 46lb 7oz of new stockie carp(lindholme)
2 Greg Norris peg 41 caught on caster for 43lb 6oz (lindholme legionaires)
3 John Emmerson peg 54 caught on corn and caster for 38lb 6oz (lindholme)
4 Roy Chambers peg 50 caught on worm for 35lb 1oz (lindholme)

Weds Open Laurels Lake 25 fished

1 Andy Whitehouse peg 16 caught on caster for 48lb 12oz (shorpe)
2 John Emmerson peg 9 caught on corn for 39lb 13oz (lindholme)
3 Lee Chambers peg 57 caught on maggots for 34lb 15oz (lindholme)
4 Johnny Howard peg 67 caught on caster for 32lb 1oz (yorkshire baits) NOT DIAWA GOLDTHORPE

Thursday open Bonsai Lake 18 fished
1 John Emmerson peg 69 caught on maggot for 72lb 1oz (lindholme)
2 Andy Oldham peg 73 caught on caster and maggot for 71lb 2oz (barnsley )
3 John Kenrick peg 77 caught on maggot for 56lb 3oz (lindholme)

Sat Open Willows and Laurels 37 fished

1 Roy Chambers peg 57 caught on caster for 78lb 8oz of small chub and various other silvers(lindholme)
2 Jess King peg 8 caught on caster for 57lb 8oz (middy dons)
3 Johnny Kenning peg 16 caught on maggot and pellets for 56lb 12oz of carp and silvers(goldthorpe)
4 Johnny Howard peg 67 caught on caster for 47lb 7oz (yorkshire baits ) not goldthorpe.
5 Lee Chambers peg 6 caught on corn for 38lb 6oz (lindholme)
6 Tony Quinn peg 24 caught on corn for 32lb 4oz (dairycoats)

Sunday Open Willow 31 fished

1 Kev Grace peg 22 caught on corn for 45lb 6oz (clay lane)
2 Gary Jubb peg 8 caught on caster for 39lb 3oz (goldthorpe)
3 Richard Wiley peg 27 caught on corn for 32lb 11oz (whizzo)
4 Rob Hitchens peg 43 caught on corn and pellets for 31lb 12oz (yorkshire baits)

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Added by :- Simon Young