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Biggest Fish?

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  • Biggest Fish?

    Anyone here got a record fish?

    Had a 7lb 1oz Chub
    2lb 14oz Roach
    Carp 18lb 12oz Mirror
    1lb 1oz Dace

    What have you guys had as personal bests?
    Simon Young
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    I love it when this comes back round
    On the 10th of June 1999 i caught a 30lb 7oz common carp at brookside fishery near Warrington. At the time the angling press said it was the biggest ever UK carp on a pole. This was my only bite of the match and got me second place. Unfortunately there were no cameras about at the time (though 1 bloke did say he'd found one in his car later )


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      I had a 15lb common at Rolfs last year, absolutely beautiful condition.....just about fitted in the salt bath.


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        Had a 12lb 5oz Bream off Calf Heath Resavoir, could be 3 to 4lb heavier now.
        A 7lb 2 oz tench off the same water. A female in spawn.
        A 22lb 11oz pike whilst fishing a match at Kings pool Shareshill. Photo on the wall of the cabin
        And another pike off High Tae loch in lochmaben, 28lb 6oz in 1975.


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          Caught a 34lb cat from grafton mere n/yorkshire as well as many others in the 30s of lbs and smaller.
          Carp well i hate Carp fishing its boreing if yer ask me but in the uk ive had em in the mid 20s never weigh them!.
          Salmon from the River Tees back in the 80s one just over 30lbs one just under 30lbs (spring fish).
          Sea Trout broke the uk record more than once but the fish were foul hooked so it dont count!
          Ive had Brownies up to 8lb from our local beck!!!!!.
          Rainbow Trout upto about 20lbs golden rainbows about 10lbs-and blues about 7lbs.
          Brookies about 6lb.
          Pike 27lb.
          Wels in the uk 34lbs in spain 125lbs,caught a wels on a wychwood barbel rod on the ebro useing 15lb line for a laugh landing a fish of 90 lbs about a 1000 yards away from where i hooked it!!.
          Chub 6lb 2 o/z.
          Dace a 1lb from the tees when it was tidal at yarm and about the same size from the river Wear.
          Roach 2lbs.
          Barbel from the River Wear a touch under 10lbs but still not a 10lber .
          Tench about 8lb from our local "Bricky" pond one of them council ponds with all sorts of eerey stories about it,supposed to be a horse and cart in there !!! every towns got 1 !


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            Well done skunkhead.
            Did i mention my best perch caught on the waggler, it was estimated to be around 60lb because it was in leaf and 2 woodpigeons were on it at the time.


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              not bad woody-not the perch____the wood pigeons,i mean


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                good pike from loch maben though-any Vendace from loch maben? lol


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                  My PB Carp is 13lb exactly, had 2 on the same day at Rolfs last summer

                  I stopped fishing a few year ago and then went back to it last summer, cant remember what my other fish PBs were, i wont bother trying to guess
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                    i was a Salmon fishermen on the River Wear for 27 years and got in to course fishing ! dont know why i did but i did,anyway haveing watched course fish for 27 years,i know some exelent haunts on the whole river,my freinds fish for Barbel, and Chub when the Barbel aint haveing it,i pointed them in to the right direction for Barbel on the River Wear,twice they've bust the river record and come close a few times in only two seasons,they pointed out some good Dace pegs i showed them to their freind,and now hes got the Uk record for Dace (Simon Ashton) il be looking at breaking this record for the humble Dace in the next two years along with some of the smaller species of fish in this country ie:minnow,millers thumb,pumpkinseed,gudgeon etc....bleak will be hard one as they aint know bleak in the Tees or Wear