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Fish breeders and fish farmers

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  • Fish breeders and fish farmers

    So, the time has come! My lake is dug and it is rapidly filling with water! Obviously I cannot stick fish straight into it (well I know some that would do!) but I am going to give it a month or so once the first alge bloom is out of the way and condition the water in the mean time - then we come to the point of the thread!

    I am now looking for some advice of the best fish farmers and breeders out there - and perhaps also hoping someone will come along and say they know where I can get my hands on a load of big roach at a cheap price! Failing that perhaps you guys on here know who are the best fish farmers and breeders in the UK.
    Simon Young
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    buy your fish from a fish/farm (breeder) not a fish dealer
    fish dealers offer to net fisheries and buy surplus stocks of the owners
    your new fish stocks dont want to be some others unwanted stocks of fish
    fish farms breed to meet future projected orders the fish are great qualty and disease free plus are virgin stock (not seen a hook before)

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      hi try cobhouse farm been there and the quality is high and they supply larford and they are fussy as they should be cheers h


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        I agree fully with the last two posts Simon.... as you probably guessed!